A Surprisingly Good Weekend
Published Monday August 21st, 2006

As the title suggests, I had a pretty good weekend following a somewhat monotonous and tiresome week at work. Monday my cousin Christian came out here to visit from Chicago before flying home to Switzerland. On Wednesday my cousins Anna, Ursula and her friend (who have been staying with us while they make vacation here) left for a road trip with Christian. They left for Las Vegas from where Christian would start his return journey. That evening, Matt and I setup some large speakers in my garage and then moved my turn tables and mixer down into the garage and mixed some.

Matt mixing.
Okay, almost got all of the basic during the week stuff out of the way.. I’m going to skip Thursday since I don’t recall what happened on that particular day (probably nothing since I don’t remember anything in particular.) Friday came along as it often does, and Cory, Jesse, and myself went for lunch at Olas. That was quite enjoyable since they’re both very awesome people, and Olas is awesome, too.

Friday night showed up and was like, “Hey guys!” and so I joined up with Matt and we then picked up Chris and then we went to Point Mugu, and then Chris and Matt ate at Wendy’s, then we met up with Cory, then we drove around, then we dropped Chris off at his house, then we watched the South Park movie at Cory’s house, and then I went home, and then I went and tried to learn how to use grammar correctly, and then I failed at learning how to use grammar correctly, and I also failed to learn how to not write gigantic, paragraph long run ons and I also wasn’t able to figure out how to end sentences and i also wasn’t able to figure out how to

Woke up Saturday (amazing) and ate a good lunch with my family. Later, Matt came over and we mixed a bit. After a while, we went to Target and bought some cool looking bins to sort all our vinyl into. We started sorting, had dinner, and continued sorting. Once we finished sorting some 100 or so vinyl, we mixed for 3 or so hours. Our ears exhausted and no longer really able to hear any beats, or possibly fathom being able to match two of them together, we headed over to Cory’s for a while. I then returned home before midnight and watched some Anime.

Isaac on the left and Kevin on the right walking towards the drum circle.
Sunday swung by and I awoke yet again, just in time for another lunch meal. After lunch I lounged around in my room and watched some Band of Brother’s on the History Channel before heading down to Matt’s at 15h. Eventually Isaac, Isaac’s friend Mallory, Kevin, Abby, Matt and Myself headed down to Venice beach in two cars via the PCH. Once we got there, we wandered around a little and then ate dinner at Sean’s Cafe. After dinner the real fun started. Amassed on the beach in one giant thundering glob of people was a drum circle.

Video Clips.
We joined the crowd and stayed for around three hours enjoying the beat and the plethora of random, miscellaneous people around us. Some drumming, some dancing, some watching, some sitting, some floating, and some in a land far far away. Things really got intense after sunset more towards 21h when the drumming and the beating got much louder, much more aggressive and rhythmic. It was really quite the experience and my poor descriptor skills fail to do the event justice. We left and headed back towards Camarillo at around 21.30 figuring that the cops would show up soon to break-up the mass of people.
Check out the guy in all white clothing. He's lifting up a ball of super dense energy and then, what appeared to be, distributing it to random people. The whole time.

Once we got back, we were at a loss with that to do and eventually Matt, Isaac and myself (after having dropped off the rest at various places) found ourselves chatting and lounging around in Matt’s car parked in the Roxy parking lot waiting for Cory to get out from a movie. Once Cory showed, we all chatted a bit, and then the night came to a conclusion.

So.. Now it’s Monday yet again and.. Yep. Classes start again tomorrow.. at 10.00.. Not particularly thrilled, but oh well.. It’s been a long summer.. back to the school/part-time-job life. It’s really not much different than full time-job life.. I’ll also be done with classes at 15h every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s so I’ll have some additional free time..


More mobile-phone images from the past week here.

Update: Added video clips!
Posted by xiphias @ 22:30, August 21, 2006
Was that some sort of website-enabled flashmob or was it even more spontaneous than that? Just enough hippies in California, I guess..

Posted by Marco @ 23:32, August 21, 2006
No, there are drum circles all the time at Venice beach.. it's usually just a word-of-mouth event, but I also think there's some kind of schedule to the madness.

Posted by Chris @ 22:32, August 21, 2006
As summer ends I want to travel around the world for a year, following the season like that surfing movie. Reading your blog, we sure do a lot of eating and chatting, huh?

Posted by Marco @ 23:33, August 21, 2006
I wonder why we do so much eating and chatting..