Off to La Grande Motte
Published Friday September 17th, 2004

Hey! This is my 40th entry from Switzerland in 2004!

Thursday was a rather slow day. I got up at around 10.00 conditioning myself for a horribly early get up at 06.30 on Saturday when i leave with Jakob's (cousins, aunt, uncle) to go to Southern France. I made some more plans for Greece, sent another fax to make reservations on some tour and called the hotel i was staying at to get confirmation of my reservation. So now it is all set, and now that i have everything planned out that i wanted planned out i feel much more comfortable.

On October 16th at 09.45 i will depart Zurich on flight LX 1830 arriving at 13.25 in Athens. I have reservations for three nights at the Amaryllis Inn Hotel which is a few blocks away from the Acropolis and numerous other Athen's attractions. I'll stay here for three days and then depart on Tuesday with G.O. Tours on a 5 day tour around main-land Greece going down to Sparta and up to Delphi and the Meteora hitting all those tourist locations i'd also like to see. On Saturday i return to Athens. I'll probably stay at a hotel again, and then on Sunday head down to Pireus and from there find a boat out to Santorini. The rest is up in the air. I have a bit over a week to just.. frolic about as i see then fit. On November 3rd i depart Athens at 14.20 on flight LX 1831 and arrive in Zurich at 16.05. Ta-da!

Eeee! I can't wait. I found this site with a how to speak Greek tutorial type thing which was written in 1997, i made a tarball (2.8MB) which mirrors the site because i'm really not sure how much longer the site will exist. The site was called "The Shrine of Modern Greek Language!" written by Angelos Kanlis. There.. now there is another copy on the Internet..

Anyway, after lunch i hung about. My grandpa got a phone call from a neighbour and he then left and took the neighbour to a hospital in Bern because he thought he was going to go blind. My grandma and I went up to the Jakob's at around 17.00 after picking up Martin (a cousin) from school. I saw Anna there, now only the second time since she returned to Switzerland, leaving my family in the U.S.A. She had made a 5-layer dip, something which she must have liked in the U.S.A... I was amused. After an hour, my grandma and i left and on our way home picked up some prunes/plums (Zwetschgen).

I watched some episodes of South Park in the evening, and started ripping some CD's to burn onto an mp3 CD for me to take with on Saturday. Heh, yea.. I got up at 09.00 on Friday (blek). I don't like getting up this early. There is nothing to do in the morning. It just doesn't feel right to be awake at this time.

After lunch at around 1400 I walked down to the ex-Wasen train station where i was picked up by Corinne. We drove to her town of Huttwil and went to her house where we chatted. He sister came home and we then went shopping, walking through the town. Was a lovely little stroll. We returned to her home and drank something, had something to eat, and conversed a bit until she brought me back into Wasen (Thanks!)

I went with my grandma to Coop at around 19.15 and bought some snacking and junk-like food for the bus trip tomorrow. On our way back home i sent some email on someones wireless network.

I recieved a comment on one of my photographs on from ~canadaphil and they asked me if i was aware of a mountain in Canada called Mount Assiniboine which looked very much similar to the Matterhorn. I had never heard of this, so i checked it out and indeed, it does look very much like the Matterhorn, just a bit fatter.. Take a look:

Tomorrow i'm getting up at 06.30 (UGH!) and leaving at 07.15 (AGH!) to leave for La Grande Motte, France with a bus, a town on the southern France coastline. I'll be there for a week with Jakob's (cousins, aunt, uncle) and two friends of my cousin's. Hopefully i'll find something interesting to photograph. I have renewed urges to take photographs of something. Last time i felt this i took photographs of flowers which turned out rather nicely.. What shall it be this time? Guess we'll see!

Well then... Until i return from France!
Posted by April @ 13:32, September 17, 2004
Well don't have too much fun the way great pictures...

Posted by xiphias @ 09:46, September 18, 2004
> Hey! This is my 40th entry from Switzerland in 2004! And to think you used to say that I posted more frequently in my blog than you. Total number of posts on my blog from 2004: 9. Heh. Take care, have fun.

Posted by Me @ 12:38, September 18, 2004
Hey wow, those are really nice pics of the mountains. have fun in france!

Posted by Di @ 23:59, September 18, 2004
damn you and your france. so freakin jealous.

Posted by chris @ 11:41, September 27, 2004
so switzerland is working out for ya then, hrm? well good, i know you have france but we have star wars on dvd. tough call, i know. cya in dec