Twice was Denny's visited.
Published Monday March 8th, 2004

Ah, so... it is time for another blog entry. This one will probably be quite abrupt. However, we'll have to see... lol.

How about a review!? Hrm... Well, so friday afternoon.. i took a short nap, and then Mike showed up. We swapped some files, and then headed to Matt's house. There Matt and i sort of played around with our trance song we're ... sort of working on, and Mike left, and went to Kate's house, where i believe Chris and Tyson or some other people where. Anyways, towards 1800, Matt and I got picked up by Mike, and we went to Newbury Park to eat dinner nearby Target. I ate Baja Fresh.. and, t'was good. Indeed. Afterwards, we went to Mike's house where we all hung around his room. We all lay around on Mike's bed or in his chairs or on the floor all sort of flirting with each other. I like it when we all collectively flirt with each other. Poking each other, acting gay, tickling each other, jokingly pettying each other, sitting on or next to each other, laying around with each other, or on each other.. I like that. It's nice. Kind of caring and loving as a whole group. lol. Contrary to years passed, i like being touched by people i know, male or female... and way i say touched... get that mind of yours out of the gutter, its not sexual. Unless you want it to be... ;) It was a better then usual Friday. Was good.

Anyways, i got home at around 20 min after midnight saturday morning, and shortly went to bed thereafter. Okay.. maybe a bit longer then shortly thereafter, but earlier then usual... Anyways.. i got up at around noon, had lunch.. and.. then.. i signed up my families home phone number to the national Do Not Call List. Because, ever since i turned 18 ive been getting all these stupid telemarketers calling asking for me, and then telling me that i told them that i was interested in some deal that they had offered, which.. i did not. So.. bye bye! and, BLOCK! Anyways, Kate, Chris, Mike and I hung out a bit at Kates house watching some of Mike's Kid's in the Hall DVD's.. or, rather.. one of them. We then... uhh... went to star bucks... and.. uhm... Yea.. from there we went to carls JR where Chris got some chicken nuggets or some sort of cardboard... and then.. and then.. and then.. and and and and and and. Argh. Stop using 'and then' Marco! ANYWAYS... Wes showed up at Carl's JR as well, and we then proceeded to In-n-Out where the rest of us decided to eat. I then got dropped off at Kate's house where i had left my truck, and i then went home. I had a piece of Zopfe (bread) and a glass of yummy Milk.. At around 2100 i left for Edwards theatre where i met up with Jessica, Jesse, Danielle and then some, Kristen Gravelle, i believe.. and Simon plus Brendan. We went to go see Starsky and Hutch, which was pretty entertaining. I then followed Jessica in my car, and we dropped Kristen off at her house. After this, we proceeded to Denny's where we had some ice cream and such. It was now at least 0030. After Denny's we headed to Jessicas house.. And, thus, Jessica, Danielle and I sat around in Jessica's room.. played the online version of The Sim's going around trying to make out with random other Sim's online with a charachter that always wore a Tiki head who's name was Chu (i did not create this characther.. consult Jessica and Danielle... lol.). When we got bored of Sim's we just lay around and chatted. At around 0400 i headed home, and went to bed at around 0500.

Sunday, after going to bed at 0500, i got up at around noon, after apparently my parents trying to wake me up for some time.. or something. My grandpa had cooked lunch, so, i decided it would only be kind of me to eat. It was good, of course, because the man can cook. I then ... uh.. continued sleeping untill around maybe 1500 or so. At around then, i headed to Jessica's house.. again. We (we as in Jessica, Danielle, Simon and I) watched Jeepers Creepers 2. Jesse showed up in the middle somewhere, and Brendan at the end. We then went to Denny's.. again (these people really like their Denny's, damn!) and had dinner. Mmmm Denny's food. Wes and Andy showed up, and we left and headed back to Jessica's house, where we all departed. So, thusly, i went home. Watched Alias, chatted with people. And now, here i am.

Heh, one may wonder why i've been hanging out with the group of Jesse, Jessica, Danielle, Brendan, Simon and whoever im forgetting... And the reason is mainly that im (as of late) somewhat un-entertained by my clique. (Just a phase.) Nothing personal at all, in fact, its a completely personal lust for some variety. So, selfish as i am, im going to go get some of that variety. And, so.. there it is! Or.. something to that extent. Besides i like hanging out with my Denny's buddies. lol. ANYWAYS...

Hrm.. whats to come this week... Tuesday Mike and I may go out to Ojai for a little meander... Thursday i've got Lunch with Mike and Grant (and more?) then, French with Kate, followed by babysitting from 1830 untill 2130... Lol, wow, Thursday is packed. Hrm, ive got some english thing due Friday, best make a note to myself to do it Wednesday.

How about some rants, opinions, and random links of worthiness...

This article on CNN talks about Bill Gates who has this brilliant idea to make people pay either in CPU time or by cash to pay for email postage. A strong emphasis was put on cash. My opinion: STUPID. My forecast: It's not gona happen, sorry Billy McSilly. Reason: It's STUPID and, you cant expect people to start paying for something they are used to using for free. That, and i'll stop using email, and we all know that im the sole cause of 99% of all the internets email.

A random self quote which doesnt really fit anywhere: do you ever have the feeling of... I dunno... as though you understand how things work.. maybe.. a moment of clarity.. things make sence... and.. you collect all your thoughts.. or try to anyways... and... you sence, or see there there is more there... something you can't grasp... a bigger picture if you will... just out of your grasp... and... a most satisfying sence of contentness and satisfaction?

How about a link with all, or many of Americas political parties.. Rather amusing. I think ill join the Pot Party. err, was i a citizen. Err, if i wanted to be a citizen, and then, was one.

Is that it? is that all i've got? wow. I guess ill go to bed now.

(13:11:45) Jesse Orosco: i woke up at 8 am after going to bed around up. turned on my computer...thought to myself...what the f? and went back to sleep.
Posted by Me @ 07:13, March 08, 2004
so you hang out with us for variety? wow, we feel so loved marco. hmmmm, this weekend was interesting, you can hang out with us as much as you like. you know you love chu.

Posted by also+me @ 10:14, March 08, 2004
People WILL pay for mails, if Micro$oft implements it into M$ Winbloze... Some poeple will cry out, but soon, everybody will accept it as normal and pay for... also in real money if nescessary... we are too dependent from internet, and MS has a too big presence on market :-( Sad, but real... People wont change to other OS cause of that...

Posted by DI @ 18:58, March 08, 2004
haha- i *knew* you liked the tickling!!! and, c'mon, you know you want to join the pansexual peace party...ahahaha

Posted by Jessica @ 19:53, March 08, 2004
you're always welcome with us, lol.. you know we love you.. and you have to make me spaghetti.. yesss..

Posted by Marco @ 19:56, March 08, 2004
Di: lol, yes! the pansexual peace party sounds even better then the Pot Party! Jessica: One serving of spaghetti with a tomato sauce coming up!

Posted by Kristen+Gravelle @ 15:56, March 09, 2004
haha, you changed it. was a nice try. and I'm talking about my name