Published Sunday March 23rd, 2003

Heh, how about some seemingly random, yet not so random images in todays post. Recall, if you wish, what i did in the month of january with images in my postings. same thing here.
well then.
many things i could write about, yet.. none. I liked this weekend. 4 days away from school, ahh what a way to relax and regain your nerves. Alas, i do have to return to that hanous place tomorrow, and i can guarantee you that i am definately NOT looking forward to that hell-hole. ARGH. Well then.
This weekend i just lounged around. Saturday i watched a few movies and relaxed.. i watched some thing on Sci Fi Channel called Riverworld... heh.. im not quite sure what the hell i was supposed to get out of it.. heh, lol. Sunday... we had a short development meeting at adams house... was somewhat productive... after then.. chris, kate... left and matt, adam, wes and i just hung out and messed around... heh. needless to say, using arnold schwarzenegger sound-bytes and calling people is quite entertaining. hmm...
I've got some german homework and some history homework to do tomorrow... heh, why? because i procrastinated doing it this evening and watched a movie instead (The Price of Milk) heh. /me sighs.
We play games. Not intentionaly; testingly. *poke, poke* Who will speak first?
I'm feeling somewhat empty, emotionally anyways... quite exciting, i must say. This is my blog, exciting (redundant) is it not? why yes. yes of course it is. Relate those images. see? ah, yes. makes sence, i see it now. oh do you? heh. i have not more to say. mmm, awkward sentances are entertaining, no? oh.. oh yes. im babbling quite a lot here. heh, im going to watch xfiles, here, soon.. at 23:00 and then.. off to bed i go. only to wake up at 07:00 to go to school, of the joy's of school. (what joys?) argh, thinking about it just makes me extremely angry. heh. i doubt many of you have seen me angry. if any at all, reading this. who the hell reads these posts anyways, this far into my babble... geesh. lol, if you do, and you're still reading.. i pitty you, lol cuz there is nothing of any relevant importance here... make yourself known! post a comment to this news posting. click on "reply" at the top or towards the bottom of this entry... yes. yes you go do that. Hrm. i realize that, i have yet to give this mindless post of today a subject/title... what shall it be... how about a sound. yes. a sound i could make right now. excellent.
Hrm.. this evening, after dinner.. i read some and took a nap interchangably.. was nice.. i read a bit, slept a bit.. read.. slept.. then i got up... and i watched The Price of Milk.. lol, some indie movie from new zealand Grant bought, it was ranther entertaining (xfiles is about to come on) and yet.. pointless.. lol, if i made a movie it would be as random and meaninglyess as The Price of Milk.. lol... hrm... here comes the files.. filex of the x... x files reruns!.. lol... yep.
/me watches
oh damn, ive seen this one..
heh... ive noticed lately that... i cant stand watching/riding in other peoples cars or rather, when other people are driving.. lol... funny. heh..
okay this post is already pointless enought as every one of them is, so.. im done.

Posted by Zoe+Zawacki @ 12:15, June 18, 2004
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