Laa dee doo
Published Tuesday February 26th, 2002

hrm... ok, this picture is just odd and quite questionable...

My sister is insane.... Hrm.. anyways.. Internet is back up.. or, well.. it was never down.. rather more of a miss configuration on my side... *blush*
here's the story:
Okie dokie, soo.. Yesterday my ISP switched my the router on the gateway i use and the new one they put there (runing FreeBSD! Or so i was told my my ISP's Owner/main Admin dude) and it would apear that the new router was more restrictive on what and how things went through... All my servers were not really configured accurdingly, or in any specific way on how and where to route to... they were just routing to nowhere, broadcasting blindly and searching for someplace to go through.. so the command of " route add -net netmask gw" took care of that.. and.. actually SET the gateway, rather then haveing just a blind broadcast... Yep, now everything is cool.. after a lot of phone calling (eww, i hate phones) its been resolved.. yey.. splendid! I ended up talking to the owner of my ISP, and he was all cool about it and.. he knew what was wrong, where i had no clue what was going on (should have figured though, as i had problems with stupid routes and crap int he past) But anyways... he owner/main admin or whatever is was cool.. lol, anyways.. yea... i was talking to him and .. jsut like thinking.. dude.. hes cool.. cuz.. he didnt have any attitude.. we all just like "lalalala" and i was like... *yey*.. lol, anyways... it feels good to be back on the net.. i was starting to go insane.. (along with Chris.. lol, cuz he couldnt get online past either) hrm..
In other news... Epiar! wooohooo!! Chriss added firing code!! and and EXPLOSION! hahahaha, its so cool and ghetto and funny.. for you windows users... expect a BINARY win32 release on friday! Every friday there will be binary releases.. get ready for those! yeah!
hrm.. alrighty then.. what else... oh.. today.. had a math test.. we reviewed yesterday for it, and i thought i had this stuff down by then.. but.. doesnt feel like it after i took the test.. hrm.. blek blek blek.. oh well..
Hrm, well.. i think its time for bed.. so.. yep! till next post...