Laa dee doo
Published Monday February 18th, 2002

Wow, look at Epiar now.. its getting better!

Prety cool, ey? Hrm.. sooo, nothing much new around here.. My 3 day weekend as been quite busy so far... Now all thats left is today, Monday.. and then more school once again.. Hrm, saturday a few of my friends came over to shoot a movie/video whatnot for an english school project... That was interesting.. Then, in the evening i had a "sleep over" with 2 of my friends from Newbury Park. Then, the next day, sunday... we did more on the movie project.... hopefully it will be cool, we'll see.. if i can, im going to try getting it up on this site.. If i can, that will be cool... Hrm... so well then.. nothing really much new.. i havent really done much of anything on the computer this weekend.. i've been occupied with this movie thing for english... blek.. 3 day weekend inefficiently used... hmph... that stinks.. yes? Hrm... well then... Nothing is really new so, that should do it for today.