To the Matterhorn and back.
Published Thursday August 19th, 2004

Monday August 2nd was a slower day. We relaxed a bit from being up late the night before. During the day everyone but Adam and I went to the city of Thun. While everyone was off doing that, Adam and i went shopping. In the evening i chatted a bit with my grandparents. That was about it for Monday. Not terribly exciting.

Tuesday was a long day. We left early in the morning, got on a bus at 0806 and then headed off to the southern part of Switzerland. This is always interesting. One one side of the Bernese Alps it is very, very green. The side my relatives all live on. Once you cross through, or over these Alps you enter into a large glacier valley, and immediately it is much less green. It's very awesome. Heh.

We got to the city of Brig from where we took another train up to the village of Zermat. The train ride up was rather painful. It was long and i was pretty tired. Additionally, we had a 30 minute or so delay and it was very hot and humid. Quite uncomfortable, it was. When we reached Zermat, we rushed some lunch and then quickly walked back to some gondolas which were to take us up to the Schwartzsee, a little lake i've already written about in a very recent entry from where we had a very nice view of the Matterhorn. We walked around a bit, and then i needed to ditch everyone because their mood's were starting to really irritate me. So i wandered around by myself a bit, and when i returned we departed again for home. From Wasen, the middle of nowhere, to Zermat, the middle of nowhere.. in one day on a train. We got back home by 2100.

The impression i got from the group was poor. I bet they like the Matterhorn at Disneyland better then the real one. Then again, this would be in perfect charachter because through the trip i slowly have begun to believe that they have no idea what beauty is. I find myself frequently very, very annoyed and irritated while we ride in the train. Outside, beautiful scenery, changing and differingis passing us by and everyone is engaged in a game of cards, that or sleeping, or reading away. Look out the fucking window, dammit! But i never said that. I just sat there and looked out the window, taking in everything i saw for all of us, because i have the feeling i was the only one who was really able to appreciate it.

Photo time! Heh.. The usual disclaimer: No specific order to these. The order that a script spit out the HTML is the order they're in here on this page.

Tuesday: Zermat, Schwartzsee, and the Matterhorn.

Found sheep while i was wandering..

Raymond, and in the far distance: Kate, Mike, Adam and Wes.


Even sexier. Matterhorn in backgound.

Tee hee!

Raymond, the alps.

They're all thinking, "Wow, this sucks. The Matterhorn at Disneyland is like, so much-way cooler.. yahh, it's got like.. a ride and an abomniable snowman and.. stuff."

Receeding glacier. Adam. We're in a small 4-6 person gondola.

Raymond, and more alps.

Raymond and the Matterhorn.

Wes and some Alps.

The buildings in the middle right is where we came up to with small 4-6 person gondolas.

* Photos have not been altered and could probably use some white-balancing, contrast, brightness, saturation, and hue adjustments.
Posted by andimandi @ 12:08, August 20, 2004
Hey marco ... americans just dont understand, heh heh ..... did you the hidden lake up on Schwartzsee.... if ya did , cool...

Posted by andimandi @ 12:09, August 20, 2004
thats supposed to say " did you find ...." yeah ...

Posted by Margret @ 19:53, August 21, 2004
Marco, I'm sure they saw the beauty, but maybe, College was also costantly on they're mind. I think thats why you want to become a Photographer you take in the suroundings different than many others. and Swizterland is your home, Marco.! I'm glad you love it so much.

Posted by me @ 13:02, September 25, 2004
marco, i so can feel with you... I guess Europeans are just a little different...