A drive in a rainy downpour.
Published Saturday July 10th, 2004

Much rain has been falling. I love it! On Wednesday Andrea and i both slept long. We ate lunch here, in the apartment with my grandparents. After lunch we hung about a bit, and i went on the Internet. Originally Andrea and i planned on going down to Sommer's and hang about and then eat dinner there.. I wasn't exactly motivated to go because i was going to just be bored. Andrea wouldn't go by herself which was kind of annoying because she probably wanted to go. We ended up not going because my grandpa asked if we wanted to go driving.

So, at around 1400ish my grandpa, Andrea and I drove to Chemibodenbad (spelling?). I drove. It went pretty well and flawlessly, good good. Heh, my grandpa already gives off the impression that he thinks that i can't drive for crap, so its a good thing nothing happened to give him a reason to be somewhat correct. Hmph. I drive well, dammit. Anyway, yea.. It was actually kind of fun to drive, at least, where we drove through. Narrow, but, I'm more or less sort of used to it now. Heh. When we returned it was around 1830, and we had dinner. After dinner, i caught an episode of Stargate SG-1 on TV, and watched it. After, i went on the Internet some more.. When Andrea wished to sleep, i left and played GTA: Vice City a bit on my laptop until i went to bed.

Heh, i wish Andrea could go somewhere or do something without having to have me around.. Though, i guess i kind of understand why she wouldn't want to. Heh.. Oh well. I'm her big brother, and she isn't comfortable by herself, so tough, Marco. Heh.

It's kind of interesting to note how when I'm on a computer without an Internet connection, unable to chat with people, i feel alone. However, when I'm alone in a room with a computer that has an Internet connection, and I'm chatting with people, i don't feel alone, even though i am.. But, in some respect i really am not because I'm chatting with people.. It's kind of interesting.. Virtual World.. I guess, i dunno.

Early Thursday morning i caught Band of Brothers on TV. It was rather odd to watch, because it was all in German. While it was being aired on a Swiss television channel, it was still weird because the translation was still in German, so whenever there was German speaking parts because the Germans were speaking in the series, it was less of a difference between the American soldier actors and the German soldier actors because both spoke the same language. I dunno, lol, it was kind of odd, okay? lol.

Today, Thursday, Andrea and i went to eat lunch with my Sommer grandparents. Before leaving, i took a shower after not having taken one for some time. After we ate, we chatted a bit, and then I left without telling anyone and got some me time, some alone time. This way, i forced Andrea to be by herself and communicate by herself, which is good for her, and, i got myself some personal quiet time. I went to the farms Buehne.. Or, attic/loft type place where my uncle houses tractors, hay, and such things. Heh.

While sitting there, i watched, for an hour, a rain storm come and pass by.. I wrote a lot about it, and, perhaps, i will later create something out of it. Indeed, after an hour or so, the storm sort of passed by, although, it continued raining all day long making it the 4th or 5th day of rain... I lost track..

While i was sitting there, on some waggon staring out a window i saw, down below a cat climbing up a car's front window. Because it was wet, the cat kept sliding back down, unable to get on the cars roof. The cat kept trying over and over and over again, and it was just simply amusing to watch because the cat kept sliding down and down. I guess one would have had to seen it.. Heh.

There was also a huge hay pile next to me which was put there for temporary storage. I saw an indent in the day, in a circluar pattern where a cat must have been laying at some time. I remember how i used to sleep in the hay with my cousins and sisters. It was very comfortable, warm, and cosy. I wanted to dig a cave network in the hay pile and sleep in the nice and cosy cavern i would have wanted to build. Mmm. It used to be so fun to sleep in the hay, play in the hay, and build little houses and forts with the hay and hay balls. Nostalgia..

When i returned from the Buehne we hung about a bit with my cousin, Damaris and my aunt Irene, and then we drove to Coop in Sumiswald. Sumiswald is a town a few kilometres away, and Coop is a food shopping store like Albertsons, Ralphs or some such.. Just a bit smaller. My cousin, Damaris drove there, she doesn't have her license yet and there was a huge downpour of rain as she drove to the point where one could not see anything at all. It was fun. She stalled a few times with a whole bunch of people waiting behind her at an intersection, and much, much such learning-to-drive fun. I was personally amused.. I've been through the same, heh.

We mused about Coop for a bit, and then we drove back to their farm where we ate chocolate for a afternoon snack and watched the rain fall. We played a game, and chatted a bit. Soon it was time for dinner, and we ate dinner with my grandparents downstairs. Afterwards, we returned back upstairs where we hung out and joked about with my cousins, Deborah, Mirjam, and Naemi as well as her boyfriend, Matthias. Was fun.

My cousins, jokingly started to speak in Swiss English, or something to that extent. They spoke English words, but put strong swiss accents on them as though they had never heard spoken English. It was really funny to listen to and have conversation in. We all sounded like idiots, but it was hilariously funny. Heh.

At around 2030 Andrea and i returned to the Luethy's, i typed some things on my laptop, and then went and checked email, chatted, and surfed the web on my grandparents computer which has ADSL. Woo hoo. That was my Thursday.

Was kind of interesting.. Today, for the first time since i can ever remember, i used my cousins/aunt/uncle's bathroom. Ha ha. Kind of strange, yes, but.. In the past i've always gone downstairs and used my grandparents bathroom, instead of my cousins/aunt/uncles.. Today, i did not go downstairs. Odd, eh? Indeed.

Well then, at sometime im going to write a little poem, or some sort of essay or something in written form with all the things i wrote down during the hour of hard rain storm which i observed. It'll be good, yes? Oh yes.. I guess we'll see when i get that done. Anyway, Thats it for this one..