3 days till spring break!
Published Sunday March 24th, 2002

Well then... yes, 3 more days untill spring vacation.. yessssss!!! however, i dont know if i can make it for another 3 days! agH! a whole 3 days! aaiiii!!! horrible, i say! horrible! Hrm.. well then.... This wednesday chris is coming over and spending the night.. so, we'll be chilling in the guesthouse staying up late and... siting on the computer like usuaL! yea! haha, hrm...
This morning, i went into a chatroom on bluewin.ch to chat with my cousin... it was cool, we had fun.
hrm.. well then.. this weekend.. i didnt do to much interesting.. i added the linker.sys section.. so the links on the main page arent dead anymore, however i didnt care to finish it today. All day i was listening to music... lalala, it was great, overall my morale this weekend has been VERy high, most likely in anticipation of spring break... finally a vacation. Hrm, well anyways.. i Also added a search engine to my site.. using htdig... good old htdig, so yea... i downloaded, configured compiled and configured some more and now, i have a search engine for my site... aint that spiffy? well then. hrm.. This friday, Epiar 0.15 is released, excelent! Well then. i'm gona finish watching X-Files and then, in 30 minutes when its finished im off to bed... 3 more days of school, and.. im ready for spring break!! YESS!!!