Almost weekend!
Published Thursday September 4th, 2003

2 ways i could approach todays medieval device of death.. The first being, i'd rather sit in this inquisitional chair, which is covered with spikes on the back, on the arm-rest, leg rest, and around the waist, then go to school. Maybe some additional info on the chair: a screw-bar system imobilized the victim who sat in the chair further inflicting pain by piercing the victims body deeper, ultimately you sort of bleed to death. I could also say that, sitting in school, is just like sitting in this here inquisitional chair! Maybe a descriptive picture to clear things up:

Well then, Yeah.. Sooo. School.... again... today... what a fun time. At this point in the day, any memories from school have more or less warped togheter into one giant blurr in my mind. What i do clearly remember is, LEAVING! And, id like to brag and say, i was the first do to so out of the people who have 5th period dismisal. The best part, around the time of 5th period dismisal, there arent any dumbass cops around.. so.. you can drive a bit more sloppy... and get home in 5-8 minutes! Bwaha! 15 min after the bell rings, i'm home. I like how that works. It's nice. I'm quite fond of it. Yes, yes i am. heh..

Heh.. */me watches Unscrewed on techtv and then X-Play*.. . la de do... what was i saying?.. ehh.... apparently not a whole lot interesting... I still have some math hw i should od.. 9 problems.. i think ill do them... uhm.. tomorrow.... Heh, im running out of stuff to say... Even though im pretty sure i had more to say before i started watching tv... heh... oh-well... what was i going to say.... Ehh.. k, well this blog update just quickly died.. oh-well... all i have to say is.... ALMOST WEEKEND!