Major load-time improvements!
Published Tuesday December 6th, 2005

Good news! Major speed/load-time improvements!

I was able to increase the average page-load time by at least 10 seconds. No more “Page returned after 10.74 seconds.” At the bottom of each page! Instead it should now read “Page returned after 2.31 seconds.” Give or take a few milliseconds. Additionally, over the next few days/months the “Page returned after 2.31 seconds.” Should begin to read less and less until finally stabilizing between 0.05 and 0.50 seconds (see the foga index page, or the portfolio page for example). It’ll take 24 new weblog entries after this entry for the speed/load-time improvement to fully propagate throughout the site.

Speaking of foga, the speed/load-time improvements make it a lot more responsive and a whole lot easier/faster to navigate through the folders. No more waiting around for the page to load just so you can navigate one directory deeper! Even the most intense page loads in less than 0.10 seconds!

On the downside, I’m still dealing with character encoding problems on the comments. Some may have run into this problem and seen weird characters when posting a comment and reloading the page. Not sure what’s wrong and how to fix it. And yes, I understand the differences between the different char-set’s (in this case ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8) and how to theoretically fix it.. I’ve been dealing with a similar issue at work for the past few days and if there was anything I didn’t know, one of the java-developers/co-workers was keen on describing every miniscule detail about it. This bug may stick around for a while.

Well then, that’s all I’ve got for now. More site-related stuff soon.
Posted by chris @ 23:04, December 07, 2005
shit marco, youre finally talking like a computer programmer

Posted by Marco @ 00:04, December 08, 2005
Oh goodie. Haha.