A quick update.
Published Thursday April 22nd, 2004

Wee! I'm feeling way to energetic and happy right now. Sitting here blasting my music in my headphones. 'Tis good.

I'm set for the next half year. All arrangements have been made. Switzerland starting June 24th untill December 20th. Brooks Inst. of photography for bachelors in photography, and then some.. starting in January. I called Brooks today about moving my enrollment in September to January. At first, they said they don't do that.. Their reasons weere that, if i did that, come January, i would no longer want to attend there. Uhm, okay. The lady i spoke with said she'd talk to her directory, and called me back about 2 hours later saying that her director said that my reason for delaying enrollment was acceptable. It was a rather uncomfortable time between those 2 hours.

Well then... Last monday.. I got up, and drove to school, as i would any typical day. When i got to school.. I left again with Danielle, Andy, and Jessica. We went to denny's. I ate a coke. I had to pee for the rest of the day, untill i returned home at lunch. We returned to school. Jessica and Andy ditched school all toghether, but dropped Danielle and myself off. We walked up to school and, apparently there was a fire drill, or, some drill of some sort, or rather.. The fire bell's went off, or, were going off. Whatever. We walk to Danielle's locker, and some teacher/staffer/whatever said that we are supposed to go to our class meeting location by the tennis courts. We lie, and say we dont have a first period. The person was somewhat confused, and turned to Mrs. Jackson, asking her, "What do we do with the kids who don't have a 1st period." To which she replies, "That's a good question!.." Uhm... Okay. Thats an interesting responce. Went to 2nd period.. Gem and i passed notes, chatted.. Was fun. Another fire alarm went off during 2nd period. Waste of time. I'm no longer sure why i showed up to school at all, either. I got home eventually at around noon.. Took me a good 20 minutes to drive home. I hate my road during the day. I napped untill 1600. That was the day.

Tuesday was senior ditch day. I drove my sister and her friend to school, and then drove to Jessica's house at 0740. Danielle, Andy and of course, Jessica were all at her house. I fell asleep on the ground, and woke up again at around 1100. We hung around a bit. Andy and Jessica cleaned up the kitchen for some reason.. probably because it was dirty, would be my guess. Ain't i clever? For lunch, we drove to the TO mall and ate at Johnny Rocket's... We walked about the mall a bit after our lunch, then drove back to camarillo. We ended up at Danielle's house where Andy did something for Danielle's mom. The rest of us waited arond. After this, we drove to the post office where Danielle picked up some mail from a, i guess it's a P.O. Box. Jessica then went to her ciropractor. Danielle and Andy joined her, but, i walked around old town camarillo and drank milk. I have a doctor phobia. After this, we dropped off the mail Danielle had picked up back at her house, and then returned to Jessica's house where we hung around. We ate spagetti for dinner, and watched tv. Danielle, Andy, and Jessica read various materials for homework. I had no such material to be read, and thus, did no reading. Bwah-ha! I got home at around 2320. Got to bed at around a bit after midnight.

Wednesday, which was today just a few moments ago... School as normal. Typical chaos in econ.. Talking with Gem and some others, such as James Chang, Marissa Lee and Alex Lamm in English.. Uhm, boredom in german.. Technav was interesting. James and some junior nicknamed Mirbal or something of the sort (perhaps his last name.) played some sort of game which required a specialized controller which attempted to resemble a turntable/mixer combination. Wow, that was entertaining to watch, especially when one of the bus drivers came in and.. just stared at them thinking, "wtf?" Good entertainment. I went home, and took a nap untill around 1500. Sometime before then the power went out. It's been about 180 days since that last happened. I called Brooks representative.. and, then took a shower. Matt came over, and soon Mike followed. We transfered some files, and played around on my synth. Played with the drum samples.. and had my subwoofer all the way up, and the volume deafening. Was awesome. Ask Jesse. He came over later, too. Matt, Mike and i ate dinner.. and then we all enjoyed South Park. Jesse and Mike left, and Matt left soon thereafter. I watched Star Trek Enterprise.. and, then one of the Stargate SG-1 episodes on dvd which i've borrowed from Chris. My mom had some sort of party tonight. Blek. At one point everyone came into my room. I wasn't very pleased with that. Oh well.

There is a meteorite shower this morning. I'm going to be getting up at 0300 to take a look at the annual Lyrid meteor shower, and try to get some photos. Fun fun.

Anyway, im going to get to bed now. I've got more to say, but that can wait for another time, when i have just that.. more time.
Posted by Jesse+O @ 16:11, April 22, 2004
haha, dude..ive completly messed up james's sign. anyways....give me the spindle of movies now! i must have them or i will begin to twitch and convulse in the corner of my bedroom.