who wants update?
Published Wednesday December 19th, 2001

Anyways.. yess!!! one more day! can u belive it? i sure can!!! wooosh! one more day! and then.. winter break, wheeee! saved.. for... 2 weeks.. and. then.. its back to.. that. place... UGH *shivers* Ohwell. hm.. a friend from the highschool, Chris is coming over here tomorrow.. we'll probably talk linux.. and.. he'll probably suck my bandwidth, as planed.. lol, which is cool with me.. someone's got to use it.. lol.... So, after school.. he'll come home with me.. we'll swing by his house.. pick up his box... and his monitor.. head off to my house.. open his box to put in an extra ethernet card of mine.. so he can get on the network. and.. yep... lol. hm.. during that time, sometime. my piano teacher will swing by aswell... lol... he'll probably just chill on his computer while i take my lesson.. what fun... No clue how long hes staying.. dont care how long he's staying.. lol.. we'll just chill.. lol... hm.. then.. ill probably stay up late tomorrow (which starts in 15 minutes.. lol) hm. yea.. and.. then.. well... winter break! wooooooohoooooo! anyways..off to bed i go.. lol... one more day.. i can make it... uuh!!! barely!....