The Meter of My Words
Published Saturday July 7th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to Ludovico Einaudi, feeling alright.

Image from main stage at EDC 2007 inside the LA Coliseum. I believe the DJ pictured is Paul Oakenfold. He sucked. A lot. He kept bringing in his next track with unmatched beats bouncing back and forth and would then just cut over to the new song in a half-assed attempt to reconcile his predicament. I almost-kind-of felt sorry for him. Picture from

Just about one week ago, last Saturday June 30th, I found myself at Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC, and yes-there were carnival rides) at the LA Coliseum. With 30,000+ participants, it was probably the largest event I've been to in the LA party scene. ..And oh was it fun! Insomniac Events, the organizers of the event.. Did a fantastic job decorating. As pictured in the photo on the left, being inside the LA Coliseum dancing under the nighttime LA sky was.. quite unspeakably superb. The enjoyment, excitement, and tantalizingly amazing qualities of the night are far from describable in the simple words written here. All I can say is, "Wow.." It was a hippie flippin' good time-or something like that. (Please feel free to apply your own hipster lingo to communicate "a lot of fun" with.)

I've been spending a good amount of time just reading fantasy prose lately.. As I absorb the words I read, I escape off to insobriety.. And then, I escape into sober reality, again. I turn around and look behind me and think, "Wow.. Alright.. Cool." Then I'm left to ponder. I relapse back into that insobriety and take a look from another perspective, discovering new things I did not perceive first time through.

Infected Mushroom performing live at EDC 2007. Picture from
View of the main stage inside the LA Coliseum at EDC 2007. Picture from

Sometimes when I listen to music while I write, I type my words to the beat of the song playing. My words, as they flow through my fingers onto my screen, seem to carry with them a tune to the meter of what I hear. Particularly to music with no lyrics, my typed words seem to become the written text to be sung..

I've always had this habit in my writing, mostly when written for my weblog, to try to convey pauses in what I write by using periods... As if .. the periods are a synonymous symbol to a rest in musical notation... Where, perhaps, two periods were equivalent to an 1/8th rest, .. and three periods that of a quarter rest... ... ... ... I wonder what meter my writing is in?

My annual trip to Switzerland nears as four days remain before my departure with my entire family Wednesday morning. I wont return until the night of August 2nd. Three weeks will inevitably pass all too quickly.. In actuality, I'll only be in Switzerland for two short weeks before going with my sisters to Paris and then London before returning to the USA. It'll be my shortest stay in Switzerland.. uhm.. In my life. To this I say (read: type): :-\ I hope I can rid myself of the chains that are work once more before finishing with all my schooling. I can easily imagine myself working for a few years, then taking a year off, then repeating the process as I make my journey through my life...

Heh, now I'm just spewing out random thoughts so I'll conclude this entry here...

Posted by chris @ 10:37, July 09, 2007
daaamn. nice lights

Posted by Cae @ 08:40, July 19, 2007
I really enjoy your style of writing and Infected Mushrooms are amazing! Great picture..