FInaly weekend
Published Saturday February 1st, 2003

Hrm.. whaddya know.. its finally weekend... i've made it ! yes! .. heh... today it was very hot.... at one point it was 38C, about 100F... gaaah!! wtf!? its supposed to be WINTER?... argh. so much for that... right now its 0130 in the morning and im stigging here in my underwear and a tshirt.. its so hot, argh! I hate it. heh. i found a stupid news story today, here.
.. yea.. stupidity. heh.
today, after school... i took a nice long nap... when i got up i ate some dinner and mike came by to pick me up... Then matt, wes, mike and i all went to go see Final Destination 2... i thought it was better then the first because they showed more of the death scenes.. way more gorry and sick. lol, it was hilarious. heh... lol. .. after that we drove to the beach.. it was very very warm, even at 2100 at the beach.. lol, it was cool. we then quickly droped by chris's... tyson, kate, adam and chris were there... and, we left again... and went to the top of the hill where i live... and then we all went home.. and that was the evening.. lol, pretty exciting, no? oh.. oh yes!.. heh..
anyways.. yey.. its weekend.. woot.. heh....
today some cd's i ordered on finally shipped.. woot... lol, i chose a shipping method so slow that i didnt have to pay for shipping, because im a cheap bastard.. lol, woot! so, ill probably get the cd's next week.. yey.. cant wait. heh. lol.. hrm... well then.... not much new.. its february... and... oh! Livestats, this website hits tracker i wrote is screwed up because its a new month and i completely didnt take into account any consideration for monthly transitions when displaying the data.. lol, ill have to go fix that... haha... heh... lol, as i just typed that i added some code to fix the problems.. haha.... well then.. NEVER MIND.. haha.. lol.. only thing messed up now is monthly averages for page hits for some reason.. but.. now im just babbling.. geesh.. lol, okay... well.. i think ill go to bed.. heh.. oh wont that be fun.. nice and hot.. agrh.