Database Tables Overhaul
Published Sunday December 17th, 2006 from my room in Camarillo, CA. Listening to Royksopp, feeling accomplished.

I just spent the past 6 or so hours implementing a complete database overhaul for this site's blogging system and migrated all the entries and comments to their new homes. The previous table structure was almost 7 years old with lots of legacy fields that really served no purpose anymore (and everything was in one table..) During the migration I was also able to do a lot of conversions on some of the older entries and comments so that I'll no longer need all the legacy code that's all over this sites server side code.

With the database tables completely restructured, and without any more legacy crap all over the place (as well as no more retarded table fields and way's of doing things that I thought were a good idea 7 years ago but clearly know better now), I plan on completely rewriting the server side code for my blogging system. Shouldn't take more than a day sometime down the road.

An interesting note: the new blog entries table is 4.7MB! Hooray for loads of uncompressed text (comments table adds up to 221.5 KB.) Anyway, hopefully I've spotted all the problems across the site and fixed them. If not, and you might run across one, please let me know!

Also, so far I've come up with very few good names to title this blog with:
  • The Syndicated Swiss
  • Learnt Through Osmosis
  • The Congenially Learnt Absconder

Anyone? Thoughts? Suggestions? Additional title suggestions? Please?
Posted by Brian @ 23:33, December 17, 2006
"Syndicated Swiss" sounds like a show on the Cheese TV Network. However, I did find it the most amusing of the choices. I started to overhaul my blog stuff too a few months ago. Needless to say, you've probably caught on to my habits by now - I'm a man of unfinished projects. Oh well, I'll do it someday when school and work don't suck every waking minute from my life.

Posted by Marco @ 11:37, December 18, 2006
Projects are hard to finish.. I think most people have many many unfinished projects.. especially with lack of motivation, or lack of time...

Posted by LA @ 00:37, December 18, 2006
Um I think I like the learnt through osmosis one best because that sounds more like you... you never do you work yet you can go and take a test and finish it in half an hour with not even studying... gosh marco stop being so smart!

Posted by Marco @ 11:36, December 18, 2006
Gosh! Sorrrryyyyyyyyyyy!

Posted by a bear @ 11:56, December 18, 2006
this is your most boring post everrrrrrr....... go with syndicate cuz it smells like cheese!