Mike, Marwin, and Kate appear.
Published Saturday July 24th, 2004

From inside the Munster cathedral in Bern.

It's only been around two days since i last wrote and I'm already having problems remembering what i've been up to. I have been busy to the point where i am not even really writing things down in my little pocket-notebook. Heh. Well, lets see what i can remember from these past two busy days.. I think its been two..?

More stained glass from inside the Munster.

Ah yes.. Thursday after my Dad, Mom and Andrea left for the airport i lay in bed and typed the last weblog entry. At 1106 we caught the bus and headed into Bern. We arrived an hour or there abouts later. Tyson and I bought some sandwiches in the train station and ate those. Then we all went to the cathedral in Bern, called the Munster. I sent Tyson, Raymond, Adam and Wes up into the clock tower, but stayed down in the nice and cool apse myself. It was around 30 Celsius and very, very humid. Sticky-icky. Oh well. We continued on and i took them over the bridge where i took the Aalue photo duo and then to the kind of stupid Bärengraben. This little pit type thing with Bears in it..

A bear from the Bärengraben in Bern..

We walked back into old town Bern, into the shopping area/district and sort of shopped around. Raymond went to the flea market where he haggled and purchased various items. That was cool. Tyson and Adam bought swiss army knifes, and we all bought some fireworks. I went into a store called City Disc and purchased various CD's which i paid for completely in change. Ha ha. I bought.. Lunik - Weather, and then a bunch of Maxi-CD's: Tatana feat Jäel - Always On My Mind, Novaspace - So Lonely, DJ Tatana - Street Parade 04 Theme (Elements Of Culture).. Yey!

This picture is fun. Raymond in Bern shopping around. My reflection in the glass, Raymond's reflection in the glass, some guys reflection in more glass.. Yes, thats all.

Around 1500 we went to a little outside cafe where Raymond and Tyson bought some very delicious ice cream, i got ice tea, Adam got a coke, and Wes got a beer. This was somewhat amusing. Wes actually wanted a cocktail of some sort, but they did not serve them until 1700, so Wes told the waiter in English that he didn't really know much about beer so the waiter should just surprise him. Ha ha.

We left the cafe, the same cafe i go to every time I'm in Bern, and went to the train station at around 1600. Marwin was coming down from Germany and we arranged to meet him in Bern. Without any difficulty we found Marwin as he walked by us. He bought a ticket back into Wasen i/E, i bought a little sandwich to snack on, and we then got on our train and headed back to our flat. We got back at 1733, I introduced Marwin to my grandparents. He gave them a bottle of wine.

Marwin and I cooked tortellini with a cream sauce for dinner. After dinner we went to a little clearing in a nearby forest where we set off some of our fireworks because fireworks are fun. Fire! Adam and I started doing some laundry because Friday and Saturday are our laundry day. We started on Friday at midnight. I went to bed after putting in the first load.

Friday i woke up at 0744. 1 minute before my alarm clock was to go off. D'oh. I could have slept one more minute. Stupid biological clock being synced with my mind. (Heh, actually, its pretty cool and useful.) I got dressed and drank some milk, and at 0800 exactly, i went over to my grandparents. I walked through their door right as i heard the town church-clock chime 0800. Oh yea. My grandma commented on my punctuality. I like being punctual. It gives me a rush, for some odd reason. I'm strange. I like laying down times and then executing the things which need to be executed to be precisely on time. Yeh, i don't know. Anyway..

My grandpa joined me as i drove to Zurich where i picked up Mike and Kate. Traffic was .. non-existent, which is unusual for the way we were driving. Heh, driving a Saab with power on a freeway where i can legally go 80 mph is really fun. We got to Zurich airport at around 1000 and Mike and Kate were waiting outside of the arrival terminal. We got back to the car, and drove back to our flat. They stayed awake until around 2100ish in the evening.

Marwin went and hid in the forest nearby because Mike and Kate had no idea he was here. After Mike took a much-needed shower i suggested we go on a little innocent stroll before eating lunch. So we did, Adam, Wes, Mike, Kate and I walked along-side the forest a bit, and then Wes got in front of us and started pretending to take group pictures, then Marwin popped up from behind and said, "Hey, i want to take group photo, too!" Mike and Kate were confused; Wes, Adam and I were amused; Marwin wore green shoes.

Marwin's new shoes. He said he bought them a few days ago. It's hard to make them out with all the grass and stuff.. Just follow his legs down to the floor and you should be able to see the shoes. Confusing, i know.

Until i told Mike that Marwin had been here since Thursday, Mike just believed that Marwin just so happened to show up. Ha ha ha ha. *ahem* Okay, fine.. I thought it was funny..

I made lunch, we all ate except for Tyson and Raymond who went to Bern again by themselves. Introduced Mike and Kate to grandma and Mike and Kate gave my grandparents gifts as well. Wow, my grandparents have gotten many gifts.. Tyson and Raymond got my grandpa a Harley Davidson shirt, and my grandma zip-lock bags with zippers. Adam got them jelly beans, and Wes got them some pralines from here. Marwin gave them wine in a nice bottle, Mike gave them some sort of ornament, and Kate gave them a patchwork quilt. Wow. Ha ha. They really like the items, and it makes them really happy. My grandpa and grandma are always very happy to see my friends when i come over with one. It's cute in some way.

Throughout the afternoon Kate, Marwin and I vacuumed and mopped the apartment and cleaned a bit. I did some laundry with Adam, and then i did some various additional cleaning chores. I'm kind of compulsive. The way some do the things i ask them to do i don't find satisfactory, so instead of asking them to do it, i just do it myself. I want thinks clean. If thing's aren't clean i freak out. Kind of difficult with a bunch of guys who are mostly incompetent in said things with respect to my standards. Something i like about myself: Even when I'm annoyed or upset, or mad i don't need to raise my voice to communicate my frustration. I told Wes not to fire fire-works from in the apartment, but he did anyways, while Marwin and I drove to Sumiswald's train station in the afternoon to purchase rail tickets (Mike and Kate came as well). We returned and it was fairly obvious. They also burned some thing they were trying to cook, which seemed like a cover-up to disguise the sulphuric smell from the fire-works. I told Wes that i meant what i said to him about not any fireworks in a completely straight forward and stern manner without any aggression or raised voice. Heh, too much text to explain myself ineffectively. Oh well. We'll see what happens.

I've kind of side-tracked and started to ramble.. I'm not done yet! After cleaning, and after coming back from Sumiswald i lay down on my bed, listened to some Lunik and then passed out to wake at 1700ish. Tyson and Raymond had returned. Time passed by and i cooked dinner. I cooked some cut up potatoes in two frying pans, added some chives and some dill, and then towards the end some tomatoes. Cut some cold-cut's and we had ourselves a dinner for eight. After dinner, Kate did the dishes, i dried the dishes for a bit, then Wes and Mike took over. I cleaned the stove and the rest of the kitchen. At this point i felt really sticky, sweaty, hot and disgusting and thusly i took a long, Luke-warm shower. Rare-Luke-warm shower, that is.

Tyson and I started to arrange some plans for the next two weeks of things to do and where to go. I got a call from my Dad who let me know that they had arrived back in California without any problems, and that all was well. He asked me an interesting question: "How frequently should he call?" He queried me.. I really don't care. I like hearing from my Dad, or my Mom, or Daniela, or Andrea. I didn't quite say this, although i wish i had. I just sort of said however much he would like. Call every other day, for all i care, Roli. =)

Heh, so here I am. It's 2323 and i've been writing and arranging this entry for the past hour or so. (Thats the average time these seem to take these days.) Listening to music, and typing away. I believe everyone has gone to sleep.

Adam think's he is the shitz.. Marwin is left stunned by Adam's sexy undulations. Mike is erasing the photo he just accidentally took of Adam. Wes ate too many of Adam's forest-tweak-berries.. I think..
This photo was taken in the forest when we did the surprise Marwin appearance.

It's amusing when we're all somewhere and Adam, Raymond, Tyson or Wes say something to someone usually in English, and then if i need to speak, i do so in Swiss-German. I dunno. There's something amusing there but i can't explain myself at this moment..

Hrm.. Well, i could probably ramble on and on for some time, but i think it would be best if i got some sleep while i can..

* Photos have not been altered and could probably use some white-balancing, contrast, brightness, saturation, and hue adjustments.
Posted by Laura @ 09:52, July 24, 2004
Ok... so you did what I asked... I wanted to live vicariously thru you, and I am... but now that I have seen all of your posts, I do believe I am more unsatisfied with life, and more sad then I was in the first place.... its beautiful, absolutely beautiful! Maybe one day I'll go with you as my tour guide~ Tah Tah for now!

Posted by Guess+Who @ 15:34, July 24, 2004
Wes, I'm very serious - let that first beer be your LAST beer and do your part with all cleaning and be respectful of rules with a proper attitude, OR ELSE.

Posted by daniela @ 21:35, July 24, 2004
hmm i wrote a comment but its saying its inappropriate but it doesnt say anything bad... hmm..

Posted by daniela @ 21:37, July 24, 2004
...you guys are funny... I like the Marwin trick on Mike and Kate... very entertaining...

Posted by Di @ 10:26, July 25, 2004
Wow, so awesome. SO awesome. It's great that Marwin came. lol. Glad you all are having a good time.

Posted by Adam @ 12:54, July 30, 2004
thanks marco. bastard.