Published Monday August 14th, 2006

Just like the hang-over after a long night of drinking, or perhaps more accurately the low that comes after a high, I feel rather depressed after leaving Switzerland and returning to Camarillo. Perhaps my current tiredness is helping fuel the low like an orange fuels the high of someone on E. Perhaps being back at work, and having everything suddenly return to “normal” is aiding in bringing me down. Yesterday wasn’t too bad. It seemed almost more like a quick visit. Today came along and I found myself sitting at my desk, at my workplace and it hit me. You’re back, Marco. Back in Camarillo. Back at work. Some part of me, somewhere in the back of my mind led me to believe that perhaps things had changed. Perhaps there would be a differences. There wasn’t, and so everything is back to “normal.”

I’m open to the idea that any change would first need to come from within myself. That perhaps the change I expect to see, is a change that really needs to come from me. A change in my person, not what is around my person. Sure, but the monotony of what surrounds me must certainly be considered as aiding in my overall disgruntlement. Coming back to work today, I realised more clearly than I have in a long time that doing the type of work that I do at my current workplace, is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. It’s not so much a change from within myself, but it does act as a reminder of.. I don’t know. I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

School starts next Tuesday. I’m not really looking forward to it. Although, it will be nice to have Tuesday and Thursday afternoon’s free. I’m not going to work those days after school. Three days a week is plenty for me.. Heh.

Hm.. A recap.

Since the last entry from my phone.. Well.. Since we left Zurich.. Our flight was delayed almost two hours because a sensor failed on the number 4 engine on the Airbus 340 we had already boarded. We were on our way to the runway when we stopped and nothing happened for a while until the captain came on the intercom and told us that we would have to go back to the gate. Once we did get into the air, the flight took about 30 minutes longer than it has in the past as the flight path carefully flew out around (the east) and over England, instead of cutting through the centre of England, over London like usual. 12 hours and thirty minutes after take-off, we landed in LAX.

I woke up Sunday at 06.00 after about 6 hours of sleep. I went and drove around, and then at 8 I went and got my car washed. At some point I met up with Matt and Isaac and we moved some speakers down into my garage. Matt and I then mixed a bit after Isaac went home. Later in the afternoon Matt and I went to Guitar Centre and then met up with Mike, Gem!, and Chelsea and we went to go see Clerks 2 in Ventura. We had dinner at Snapper Jack’s Taco Shack, stopped by Starbucks, and then returned to Chelsea’s house. Soon I went home and to bed to wake up yet again to go to work..

* sigh * I don’t want to be here.
Posted by The fatty @ 23:55, August 16, 2006
Well, I am glad to see that you and Matt are mixing again. Sorry that you don't want to be here though. But then again I don't blame you, I wouldn't want to come back if I were you either.

Posted by chris @ 00:47, August 18, 2006
im completely glad to be here. you should be too marco. there's a million worse places. take camarillo for instance.

Posted by Marwin @ 03:36, August 20, 2006
why don't you move to CH?