Moving and Shifting and Still
Published Tuesday April 24th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to the hum of silence, feeling comfortable.

Lomography photograph by Chris Thielen. Slightly modified.
Stars dance throughout above
Annulled are their anchors
They reel and undulate
Just the stars and You

Passage is long
Expiry in the far expanse
With the energy and attention span of a child
Impassioned to jaunt around touring

Starry pinpoints pullulate
RGB, RGB! The traffic lights are loud
Coloured brightly they stand out
Gaily flickering in the night

A climb up to a grassy plateau
An affair with a brief peregrination
A short duration through totality
The grass is wet from rain

The night sky is outer worldly orange and red
Then magenta, violet, and pink and gray
The foreground silhouetted against it
Moving and Shifting and Still

A fruity familiar odor
The aroma of melon
It is learnt well to be averted
Introvert to enliven charge

Floating, unmoored, fluctuating with motility
Like looking at the shadows of leaves fluttering
The trees stagger in the night sky
The wind stands still; There is no breeze tonight
Posted by Chris @ 17:25, April 25, 2007