a good friday
Published Saturday August 18th, 2001

Hmm.... yesterday morning (early morning), i played around with Nullsofts Shoutcast server and started broadcastion a live stream... hmm.. yep... and i also worked on some random code.... hmm. then..today.. i did the same.. all whilst listening to trance. then, yesterday afternoon, or 1830ish i should say...i went to a friends house, which was nice. A couple of my friends where there... I enjoyed myself.... hm. then... later yesterday evening i continude coding various things.. and.. listening to trance... i also watched my 2 show that i watch everyday, Jay Leno, and Conan O'Brien... except.. i wasnt able to watch jay leno because my parents were using the tv.. so.. i just styaed on the comp.. then, went and watched conan, which was funny like usual.. uhh. ok. umm. riight.. soo. anyways.. then. thi smorning.. i played Literati on yahoo.com with my friend, Mike... and.. still listened to trance.. and.. soo.. here we are... and now i will wirte some email and then go to bed... ohh! the albu of the switzerland pictures will soon be up!