La de do
Published Wednesday March 26th, 2003

Heh..wheee!! Tomorrow is a minimum day.. im quite excited, oh yes.. means i get to come home early and take a nap... yessss! heh.. hrm.. so.. yesterday and today i uploaded a bunch of my better photographs and images to heh... check out my page at heh.. yes yes yes indeed..... hrm... so.. this evening i watched Undercover Brother.. lol i love that movie.. its funny... heh... (that soudned cheesy, oh well).. heh.. then i took a whole bunch of random Tests/quizes at
heh.. ill post some of the results at the bottom of this posting.. lol some of the tests turned out pretty accurate, others hilariously incorrect. lol... heh... take a look for yourself if you'd like... hrm.....
well then.... not much new... not a whole lot..... amazing, isnt it?
Hrm.. so far this week has gone seemingly quick.. which is a much appreciated thing... i cant wait till its over (this week, that is).. heh.. yes, indeed... over over over over!!!
hrm.. as you can tell i dont have all that much to say.... heh.. so, ill just end the posting..

(Submissive Introvert Concrete Feeler )

Marco Luethy
Like just 10% of the population you are a HELPER WHO FINDS MISSING CHILDREN OVER THE INTERNET (SICF). You are very tentative in the world and introverted with people--which means you are the shy and silent type. Hence the Internet. But behind your reserved exterior lies a dedicated person with a passion for the concrete truth who wants to, in his heart of hearts, help find missing children. God bless you.


76% lazy


dateable! Attractive and confident, witty and charming, a healthy ambrosia-based diet... you're wanted in the 48 contiguous states, you slayer. Call me. Seduce me. Make me a woman (or man.) Not only do you know how to turn a girl's (or guy's) engines on, but you also know how to oil, lube and rotate it. You put the "elation" back into "relationship," and the "night" back into "one-night stand."

Congrats! In your life, you'll have sex with

3 people!

And you'll first have sex at age 20,
in your own bed.
You are 19% sexy.

The info on your 3 future sex partner(s):

3 of them will be female
0 of them will be male
And you will actually love 3 of them!
Prepare yourself for a long and fruitful relationship.

You are 18% GAY!

That's less gay than average for someone of your gender and supposed orientation. The typical straight guy is 39% gay!


Is it a bird? A plane? Is it a boy? A girl? Is it love, or is it lust? Ah, you. You are that rare mix of sensitive and sensual, romantic and randy, pride and prejudice, etc. When you see your crush, you waffle like a Belgian, unsure of whether you'd rather paint their toes or suck on their toes. Poets have long been puzzled by your kind. You'll never fall for robots or nymphos, but you will suffer longs bouts of marriage.


The Toymaker
(Perverse Ignored Functional Adult)

Your inner child is the Toymaker (PIFA) --aloof, quirky and maniacal like a baroque timepiece-- so don't be surprised when all your cukoo clocks go off at once. Luckily, for the present, you have managed to siphon all of your weird-ass issues into some sort of outlet, so you're safe from the guys in skintight white jump suits.

The little baby working away inside of you functions because everything it has learned it learned itself-- without too much outside help. Because you were born being old, you are fixated on youth.

This inner child is common among people who use shiny objects, like serial killers and dentists.


pickup-able! You're like Jen. Do you know my friend Jen? You're just like her