2nd session at Brooks ends!
Published Saturday April 23rd, 2005

The madness has finally come to and end. This past week has been quite busy for me. Last weekend started out with me procrastinating quite a number of things. Sunday I went to Santa Barbara to pick up some polaroid film and do something else which I have completely forgotten. Monday came along and wow.. I developed 46 sheets of 4x5 black and white negative film. My developing tank holds 6 sheets at one time. In other words I developed 8 loads of film. Each load takes about 25-30 minutes to develop and go through the various procedures required post processing. I got there pretty early in the morning to avoid the crowd of other students, and to get all of my film developed. I spent a good 4-5 hours developing 4x5 B&W negative film. Quite a blast, I tell you!

After a pretend lunch at around 13.00 I proceeded to print the 46 negatives. I printed 1 8x10" print, and 45 4x5" projection prints... And then went to class at 16.45.. on time. I left class early because I finished my PHO102 final early scoring an A-. Once I got home I worked on a large assignment which was due the following day. The assignment was a compilation of every technical assignment we had done during the term. The notebook which contained all of this was/is huge. I finished at around 01.00 and promptly went to bed.

Tuesday I skipped my 07.00 English class and instead slept until 08.00ish. By 10.30 I was in Santa Barbara to turn in my assignment which I had worked on the evening prior. After this, I drove to the Montecito campus and began wet printing. After many, many hours in the dark room, I had wet printed 5 11x14" prints on Ilford fibre based paper. At around 05.00, as I waited for my prints to dry, I headed to downtown Santa Barbara and ate lunch+dinner at some Italian restaurant. It was good. Yum. Yes. I returned to the Montecito campus, picked up my dried prints and mounted them on 16x20" white boards and drove home.

Wednesday I arrived in Santa Barbara by 10.15 for my last meeting for my PHO102 class. We had a "Final Critique" where we shared and looked at two large 11x14 wet-printed prints. There were some amazing prints and I felt inferior. Although.. I enjoyed wet printing a lot more than I thought I would. Seeing the paper change from nothingness/white to having a image form on it after 30-45 seconds in Dektol developer was really cool. Heh.. out of around 30 students who were in the PHO102 class at the beginning of the term, only about 15 remained.

After returning home at the end of the class at around 13.00, Cory came over and we hung out for the rest of the day. Thursday came along and I was awake at 05.30 to get to my lass 07.00 class of English. Not much happened, and I really don't remember what we did. I returned home.. and... slept. Didn't do a whole lot... Friday came along and I was in Santa Barbara again at 08.00 for my last meeting of my English class. It was 50 minutes long during which we wrote an essay as our final. After the conclusion of the class, I went and returned my rented 4x5 from where I rented it, picked up some b&w rolls that I had developed by a lab, and then drove home and slept until around noon. After lunch, my dad and I went and picked up the civic which had been in for repairs ... since .. Tuesday. I drove the stupid white mini van my family has for 400 miles this week. I hate that thing. Automatic cars suck.. A lot.

Heh.. after picking up the car, I went to Matt's and we hung out in boredom. In the evening we met up with Cory and his posse. We went to Coldstone.. or some ice cream place ( I didn't get any. I'm not a fan of ice cream.) where I ran into Laura and her boyfriend. Later in the evening, Cory, another Cory, Colby, Brian, Matt, Norm, and I ended up at my house where we hung about...

.. And that has been a brief summary of my week. Thoroughly busy. .. However.. I now have two weeks of vacation until my next session/term at Brooks begins. I'll be taking PHO103 and some math. Heh... But until then.. Two weeks of vacation!!! Yessss! I'm quite happy.

With all this said.. I shall watch an episode of Samurai Champloo and go to bed.
Posted by Chelsea @ 09:23, April 24, 2005
heh, did Mike give you that anime or Adam? ANd yay for vacations!

Posted by Marco @ 12:42, April 24, 2005
Mike and Adam!

Posted by xiphias @ 19:02, April 24, 2005
im back biatches. or something. man, i'm bad at that aggresso-gangsta vocabulary. funny thing that i didn't learn any while i was working in chicago for the past two weeks. time to find me some music and dvds and stuff or something. yeah. marco: w00t or something. i forgot this was your blog.

Posted by chris @ 17:57, April 26, 2005
rad as always. you can feel free to send me amazing-looking, large, professionally printed photos...