Earl Grey Tea
Published Tuesday June 26th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to The Shins - Wincing the Night Away, feeling emotional.

Well.. So.. Here I am. Again, trying.. Trying to be great. Trying to be amazing.. But not there. I haven't made it. It'll be a while. Grab a chair. Take a seat. Close your eyes.. and fall asleep. We float away. Away.. Away.. Drifting along with each others vibes. Yours and mine..

And so.. I found myself in a Starbucks. Had just ordered an Earl Grey tea-one tea bag-in two a medium sized cup. And as I walked away from kind madame who did take my order quite neutrally, I did take my cup, my hot water, and my tea bag to one of two condiment-counters. My company had exited and found themselves outside-some for a fag, others to consume the liquids in their cups. I set down my cup which held my hot water and one tea bag and I did gather that this time, my cup did not wear one of those cardboard skirts.

With my skirt-less cup of hot water and a tea bag firmly placed on the counter I did take four packets of brown sugar forth to place them to my left. Tearing the first open along a side after having shuck the sugar crystals to the bottom side, I stared out through the large windows while pouring the then opened packet into my cup of hot water and lonely tea bag. Through the window I did see two mid in embrace. I looked down into my cup of hot water and single tea bag and slowly procured a second packet of sugar from my left. Tear I did this second packet, its crystalline contents slowly sinking through my hot water, passed a tea bag in my skirt-less cup.

I did look up again as I did this. The two still very much locked in their hug, I began to make observations about their persons. He was a built fellow. One you'd expect to see riding a Harley but not for the purpose of satisfying his mid-life crisis. He wore long blue jeans with a cheap-plaid button up shirt-some chest hair exposed. He seemed well into his 40ties, was sporting a bandanna and a long beard which looked slightly as if it belonged to Santa Claus-but after a vacation in Southern California with lots of sun exposure from lounging on a beach.

My second packet of sugar was emptied. I so promptly as to spill my cup of hot water with a single tea bag and now two packets of sugar, did grab between my index finger and thumb a third packet of brown raw sugar. Proceeding as I had with the previous, I tore a side open to again empty sugar into my hot, increasingly sweeter water. Again, as before, I did look up from the sugar packet in my hand, my cup of tea on the counter and peered out those giant windows. While still emotionally entangled in their embrace, I could not help but also observe the other. She was a much smaller character, especially during their juxtaposition. The skin around her neck slightly droopy, and her face somewhat pale-the colour of soy milk. She wore clothing which made her appear of a different, more financially successful delineation of society. I wondered how long their embrace would last.

Looking down at my tea again, I began to tear open and pour my fourth packet of sugar into my hot, much sweeter water as I had done with the first packet, the second packet, and the third. And just as I had those previous three times, I did look up once more. The sugar crystals in my fourth packet ceased to fall into my tea as the packet emptied, and as the very last of the sugar did fall into my sweet, hot water in my skirt-less cup, their embrace broke. The two reclined in their chairs and watched each others eyes. I watched both their eyes.

In a synchronization more accurately aligned than the beats in electronic music, the two swiftly turned their eyes towards mine. Without missing a beat, as their eyes made their way to mine, my eyes had dropped back down to my tea. With a wooden stick, I did stir the sugar in my hot water, in my skirt-less cup, avoiding a tear in my tea bag.

Posted by Jenny @ 20:00, June 27, 2007
I prefer much black tea like ceylon, lapsang souchung and i guess my fav would be www.OMITTED keemun black tea. i never like earl grey, maybe the flavoring..

Posted by Marco @ 23:20, June 27, 2007
Tea spam?... Seriously? Ah..hahahaha!