And Here comes March
Published Sunday February 29th, 2004

Life is excellent, and almost perfect.

Ah, so... another week has passed and, well.. things have happened, and now i shall summarize them here, as i usualy do.. Then, maybe ill rant a bit, or mention some mentionables, and then we'll all go home and feel happy. Or... whatever.

Anyways, the begining of the week started out dandy.. Tuesday-Thursday i had a pretty runny nose from the Big Bear trip, as well as sore muscles on Tuesday.. but, all was well. Tuesday for lunch i went with Mike and Grant out to eat lunch at steak and hoagies... The following day, Wednesday my grandparents came. They're staying here, or, in california and the surrounding areas untill March 24th, which is cool. I enjoy their presence.

Don't recall what i did thursday.. probably wasnt terribly important, then. lol. Friday, instead of the usual hanging out with friends and such, i stayed with family. We all (Daniela, Andrea, Anna, Roli, Margret, and both my grandparents) went out to eat dinner at Bandits in old town Camarillo. Woo. We had to wait for 45 minutes before we got seats, so Daniela, Andrea, Anna, and I sat in the truck (we took 2 cars because we didnt all fit in one car.. lol) and goofed off while waiting. Once we got a table, we goofed off more... throwing peanut shells at each other, covering out drinks with napkings, piercing the paper so our straws would show through, and we would still be able to drink from our drinks all while protecting them from incoming enemy peanut shell fire. Was fun. I enjoy bugging, joking, and goofing around with my cousin, Anna. She's like another one year older sister. We got home, and Andrea and I traumatized our dog, Mustard with 3 flashlight's shining their lights everywhere and Mustard try to run and bite all the light... Stupid dog.

Saturday... I went and saw 'In America' with Kate.. was a very good movie, i liked it. I think its DVD purchase worthy. I love indie films. They're different then mainsteam hollywood. I like. In the evening.. something happened, i think.. but i seem to have forgoten.. bleh. Moi foi.. Oh! maybe it was... the police randomly showing up at my house in 2 cop cars asking why we called... And then asking why we called about a tresspasser or something... We had no clue what they were talking about because no one called the police, or whatever. Was rather odd. lol. In the early mornings i played VegaStrike and Flight Gear on my dads laptop...

Sunday, my grandpa cooked something out of his mental recepie book, was good, of course, as he is an abled cook. My compliments. I then took a shower, shaved my 3 week old beard, and drive a bit under a mile to a neighbor on Worth Way where i babysat 2 kids, a girl and a boy, the first in preschool, and the 2nd in kindergarten. We played Lego's for most of the time, occasionally the little girl would climb over and round me, or crawl underneat my legs as i sat there building a tall tower out of legos with the boy, so i'd pick her up, or tickle her feet, or whatever. After 3 hours, i was relieved of my duty with my networth increased by $30. lol. I then called up Jessica and, i met up with her, Jesse, Danielle and someone i didnt know named matt. We went to Panda Express and had dinner, and then we smashed and burned an old Computer of Danielle's, and the moved on to Jesse's house where I assisted in gaining access to someone's xanga i didnt know and then wreaked havoc. After that, we kind of hung around in Jesse's room, and, well.. then went home.. Thus, here i am, now typing up this blog entry. Accroding to Mike Return Of The Kind (lotr) has gotten 11 oscars, coming in tied with the most ever for a single movie with Titanic.

Throughout the past few days ive made some minor changes to the website, and, as you may notice, this is why things have changed a bit. I'm still deciding, and looking for what to put on the main page. However, already on the mainpage, you should find a rudimentary display of any (idealy) unread posts you have not yet read, which i think is a neat feature. Then, i cleaned up the comment's and the form to post comments a bit as well, so, i encourage you all to make your comments and whatever you may have to say, or, if you're bored, a rant, or some rable. Whatever.. just.. comment! lol.

Okay, so i think now is prime time to address some other things i have made note of over the past week, since im down with the rundown of the current events.. lol.

I found an interesting article on secure deletion of files from a hard drive while playing around with some software and looking at a developer's website who developed the piece of software i was looking at. .. lol. Anyways.. Additionally, came across this site from Chris's website/blog... Uhm.. what?

Ever get a feeling that you've glimpsed into the greater, bigger picture? And, im not talking about God or any sort of mythology.

Hrm, anyways.. Tv: whats with all the vaction commercials on tv all the time? Are the companies trying to get people to put aside (whichi s upport) their terrorist fears and travel more? What kind of entity, or meeting must go on between the travel agencies and companies to make a collective move like this happen? Doesnt that make you ponder of the conspiracies that could lie beneath? lol.. Always interesting topic.. Conspiracies.. wooooo! Try this site if you're bored and feel like reading about conspiracies. I love em. mmm. makes you ponder.

Now, how about a rant on gay marriges! CNN article, an article by a friend of Mike's, and an article by mike. In summary, anyone who is against gay marriges is an idiot, Bush is a dumbass, and a consitutional ammendment to ban gay marrige would further convince me that i hate the USA; and that Bush is a moron and anti-gay believers need to die. (if you fall under this catagory, then.. im sorry... now, go remove yourself from the gene pool.) I want to find some pro-gay-rights/marrige rallies and demonstrations and go protest with them.

Hrm, so, i got offered provisional acceptance to CSU Northridge.. however, i doubt this will change any of my plans.

While im making random comments, 2 things; I've completed more then 1000 work units on SETI@home. If you want proof, take a look at this:

Woot!. lol. My actual SETI@home stats page, available here. And, my 2nd random thing... I found this cool listing of a bunch of irc networks at this site. Useful, i think.

Anyways, a question... Whats the point of having software export restrictions.. especially on open source software readily available for download on the net...? Usualy, restrictionns (untill recent relaxations) are found on cryptography software.. but, anyone can download the readily available opensource cryptography software available on the internet... Is some guy in Iran going to care what the US export laws state? I dont think so... so, its really just for show and fancy shmancy illusion of power... No? Stupid.

Hrm, a side comment... Mike was gone (went to chicago for grandpa's funeral.. heh) from thursday till today.. sorta missed him.. lonely at night/early in the morning when no one is up... Good to have him around. Me like's my Mike.

Well, those were my rather unsatisfying rants. Now, what shall the following week hold in store for me... Hrm.. well, i have a Editorial essay type thing due on Tuesday for english.. that'll be a dandy 30 min or so tomorrow. Nothing too bad, its even on gay marrige, so it may even be fun. Lunch with Mike and Grant, possibly more... babysitting job over the weekend... who knows what else...

Heh, im having one of those rather rare, really long.. excellent.. good... and somehow comforting conversations right now with Jessica... Tis good.. I enjoy her.

Anyways, that'll do it for today, i think.. so.. (minus the picture and song after this) EOF

Flipper Theme Song Lyrics
Title: "Flipper"
By: "Henry Vars And Dunham"

They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
No-one you see, is smarter than he,
And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder,
Flying there-under, under the sea!

Everyone loves the king of the sea,
Ever so kind and gentle is he,
Tricks he will do when children appear,
And how they laugh when he's near!

They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
No-one you see, is smarter than he,
And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder,
Flying there-under, under the sea!

Posted by Me @ 23:55, February 29, 2004
well well, i was mentioned!! haha, oh man, today was excellent. youre the man when it comes to wrecking havoc. wow, we should light things on fire more often. marry all of us.

Posted by april_p @ 10:07, March 01, 2004
wow. you write alot marco. Nice pictures. And your little dog, what is his name again?

Posted by Eric @ 12:12, March 01, 2004
Good post marco. I'm with you on the Gay marrige thing. I wish Bush had never been elected. Don't you just love how the seperation of church and state gets thrown out the window when it comes down to what el presidente wants? He's all about the Jesus. Not that that is a bad thing to have in your life. It's just a bad thing for a president to make his decisions based on. He's there to be the voice of the people not the voice of god. I think he got mixed up. Anwho there is my rant to add to yours :)

Posted by Jessica @ 13:21, March 01, 2004
Heya Marco.. I enjoyed the conversation as well, but I already told you that! Annd.. burning computers smells really bad. Let's not do it again too soon, shall we?