"Everybody Cut Loose!"
Published Saturday May 8th, 2004

Ah.. The week is over, i am relieved. Relieved i am indeed. It was a particularly bad week for some reason, and now it is over. Heh.

On Thursday, i was to take my German AP test, but this did not happen, for they had shipped CD's with instructions and suchlike on them, and the schools language lab is too antiquated to play CD's and supposedly it is highly against copyright and term's of agreement or something to copy the damned CD... Whatever, worked for me.. I just went home like usual, and didn't have to stay untill around 1500 in the afternoon, on campus. Instead, i get to do that on the 20th. Woot. Went home, and watched part 10 of Band of Brothers. I think thereafter at some point i fell asleep on my bed, even though i was not tired. Guess i was tired after all. Heh. Can't say a whole lot happened anytime the rest of Thursday.. My dad was on his way to UCSB when the civic broke down because apparently the ventilation, or the cooling or something broke and the car over-heated. I picked him up from the Honda dealership off of Rose Ave.. I took my laptop along with on the ride and scanned for wireless access points.. There's not a whole lot driving down Rose Ave.. *shrugs* Anyway, that was Thursday.

Friday was a much better day. Went to school commando. Went through the typical school process, and come 4th period.. I went to tech nav, sat down, thought to myself, "baah", got back up, and went home. There, i ate some lunch, and rolled into my nice bed. I went to bed at 2300 the night before, rather early, yet i was more tired all day long then i usualy am when i go to bed later. Baaah, what the heck?

Mike came over at around 1440, we picked up Jesse, and after a few brief moments, left Jesse's house, and then picked up Kristen and drove to Edwards where we saw Van Helsing. It was a pretty good movie. Not bad, though, not terribly awesome, but, it was good enough.

We dropped Kristen back off home after the movie, and then ate at Jack In the Box. Got some gas, and then drove to Oxnard High School to watch the musical play, Footloose. I knew three people involved with the play: Di, Chelsea Brady, and Jameliz Torres, or Gem.

When we got there, and parked, from behind us pulls up a green Ford Escort LX. At frist, Jesse and I ponder the familiarity of the mans face within the vehicle, and then we realize, on our own terms, that it was Mr. Crowel (or, D.C.) and his wife. Was rather amusing. On his bumper he had a "PEACE" sticker, lol. Yes! Btw, Mr. Crowel is a physics teacher at ACHS, for those who have no clue what the heck i am talking about...heh.

I really liked the play. I found it personaly amusing, or, cool, to hear the songs which were sung on stage because i had heard many of them before in English class when Gem, sitting or standing next to me sang them for the good past month and possibly longer. I thought to myself, "Ah-ha! So THAT is what is going on when Gem recited those random lines in class!" and, "Ooohh.. Hearing these songs with musical accompanyment, and additional vocals is kind of cool!" Though, a lot of times i couldn't hear Gem's voice in as much detail as i heard it in class because others were singing as well. Gem has a good voice, heh. Chelsea did lovely lip-syncing and fake guitar playing.. Haha. The actors had their mic's taped to their faces, and towards the end of the performance, the tape started to loosen, and i kept worrying that their mic's would go flailing as they danced around. Di was in charge of the lights, i don't recall why she was not performing a part, herself.

At the end of the play, i felt like getting up and breaking out into a song for anything and everything i did, and dancing as i sang... Haha. People started leaving.. We walked over to Chelsea and congradulated her, and then i saw Gem, and congradulated her (or attempted to), as well, through the chaos of people coming and going. In the end, i had a good time, and i liked the play or, the performance of the play- so kudos to those involved! I find it amazing that these productions exist. As i sat there i pondered the different complexities which lie beneath such a performance, many details to which i am blind.. I can say, i felt envy throughout a lot of the play. The dancing, the singing, the musicians on the side playing their respective instruments, and the acting.. All talents i have a feeling i'd enjoy having in my grasp.

After some time of lingering about we eventually all left and went to Starbucks. By all i mean a combination of my group A and group B all at Starbucks.. This would include.. Mike, Matt, Tyson, Wes, Jesse, Chris, Kate, Raymond, Danielle, Simon, Kristen, Andy, Jessica (who shortly thereafter left with some other friends of hers), and when they showed up after finishing up back at the performance center, Di and Chelsea, and last, of course, myself. (I've probably forgoten a bunch of people.. sorry.) Haha. We hung around at Starbucks, and when Starbucks closed, hung around outside Starbucks.. Then, we all went into Ralphs, terrified the manager.. I saw him glued to his security cameras watching all like a hawk as we spread out throughout the store bored out of our mind. A huge group of people, in Camarillo, bored, at 2300.. Oohh.. bad combinations. As time passed by, we eventually got into our cars and then drove to some park where we hung out for about an hour. Kate and Chris left for home, and then Di left for home, and soon we all dispursed, and i got home at a way-too-early 0040. *shrug*

And here i am. Writing miscelaneous emails, and listening to French pop. I have absolutely no plans for the weekend, or even next week, or next weekend. Somewhat disapointing, but i suppose i'll find something to do.

In 7 week's i'll be 2 whole days into my 6 month stay in Switzerland. I have so many things i want to do, so much i want to accomplish, i'm not sure i can do it all. Heh. But i'll have the greatest time of my life trying. That's guaranteed.

heh, sigh.

I love just sitting here, late into the night. For the good past hour i've just sat here in my chair, music playing in my headphones, doing absolutely nothing. Taking deep breaths of air, and letting my mind wander its abyss. So many things to ponder. Feeling completely content, relaxed..

Heh, i found a cool duet in English and French by Mylene Farmer and Seal called Les Mots.. Yep..

It appears to me as though i am running out of things to say, so before i drag this entry on too far, i'll end it. Hopefully i've said everything i wanted to, and congradulated everyone i intended to and not forgoten anyone.. Heh.
Posted by Di @ 09:57, May 08, 2004
yesterday was some good times. i'm glad you could make it to the play. yay fro french pop!