A Thursday Jotting
Published Thursday May 13th, 2004

I do believe it is time for a blog entry to pass the time. I recently did a search on google for "completely random text" and was disapointed in the lack of results returned by searching for the exact string "completely random text" so, that said, i am adding another site on the internet to the short list of websites which contain the string "completely random text" in that exact order. Though, searching for completely, random, and the word text results in a myriad of results, i also think that by writing this random entry and using text like i am now, i will able to completely dominate the competition, that is, those sites who also feature the terms completely, random and text, as well as the string "completely random text." For good measure, that was completely random! Did you like the text? Wow, what a lot of completely random text. How completely random! (text)


Monday I got home from school and ate lunch. This lunch was followed by a lovely nap which was completed at around 1515. Hung about a bit listening to music, and doing so, convinced myself that i needed 2 more CD's, so i purchased 2 albums by Sneaker Pimps entitled Becoming X, and of course Bloodsport. They are to arrive between May 22 and May 26. Dandy.

At around 1730 i went to Matt's house where we played Battlefield 1942/Desert Storm untill midnight when i went home. That was fun.

Tuesday rolled along, and the pains and boredoms of school had become rather unbareable. I came home from school and ate lunch. Lunch was followed by a 30 minute nap, which was followed by leaving home and driving up to Mike's house at around 1400. My intentions were to install games which Mike possesed, though this plan was not to be executed because computers hate me.

While attempting to install Windows XP because Windows 2000 kept crashing during much game-play, my MBR was magically destroyed, and, well, without such a record one can not very simply boot into retarded operating systems not unlike Windows. Of course, installing Windows XP was followed or accompanied by the pains of getting those illegal activities one partakes when not paying for things working. This was ultimately faced with failure due to lack of motivation, and the apparent fact that my laptop does not seem to be able to boot from any CD which has been burned by a commercial-type burner, that is, not a personal CD-r burner. Okay.. ?

Mike and i hung around, ate dinner and watched TV while playing games on Mike's computer. I left his house and got home at around 2240. With hesitation, though well aware of the state of my hygiene, i took a shower, and installed Windows XP on my laptop. Once Windows installed its bootloader, i over wrote the thing with Grub (to be able to boot into Linux and Windows), and all was well once again.

Wednesday showed up, and school continued to drag on painfully. I left school with Adam 10 minutes into 4th period, and i drove home to my house. We left again very shortly after and had lunch at Quiznos, and then, once again, drove back to my house where we watched some TV. We ended up in my room. I was quite tired, and as soon as i lay down on my bed, i was sleeping. Adam and I, or.. at least I.. slept untill 1445. I woke up, and Adam was sitting in my chair staring around. Heh.. I drove my dad to the Honda dealership place down in Oxnard where he picked up the Civic. I drove back home, and on the way home dropped Adam off at his house. I went home, installed some software on my laptop, and then drove up to Grant's house in Newbury Park. We hung about, played games, and suchlike hanging-out things. A friend of Mike and Grant's was also there, named Dan. We went to dinner at around 2030 at Olas in old town Camarillo. Was good as usual. Drove back to Grant's and another friend of Mike and Grant's named Joel, who i've met a few times before had just returned from college out east (Lehigh, or something, the college, that is). He came over as well. We played some games, hung about some more, watched random flash animations and some GI Joe.. I left at around 2300 and drove home.

I just read a lovely article on quantum computing in Information Weekly while on the bathroom. Isn't that fascinating? Well, maybe not- quantum computing surely is.

Its kind of amusing how i have barely been home all week long, and today, Thursday, will be the first time since Sunday that i've eaten dinner at home. Ha-ha. I realized as i turned and looked at my bed yesterday, that Tux (my awesome cat) has not been in my room for a while, at which point i missed his presence. Aww.

Thursday, or rather, today- hours ago, i left school and drove to Adam's house where i picked him up. We then picked up Wes out in front of the school and drove to Steak and Hoagies where we met up with Grant, Mike and Joel. We left at around 1320 and i dropped Wes and Adam off at their respective homes and drove back home myself. I took a nap untill 1530, at which time i went over to Matt's house where we played some Battlefield 1942/Desert Combat. However, because Matt had some unexpected arrangements made for him, he had to leave, and with him, i left too, and went back home only 90 minutes after arriving. Perhaps i shall return to his home later today, but who knows? I surely do.

I've got a lovely and simple econ test tomorrow, and a lot of nothing in English followed by a whole lot of more nothing in German where we are to watch Grease (whoopie..) in German.. (.. whoooohiooo.) It pains me. No more school. Saturday a lot of my friend and I are to go to the beach. Hoorah! Heh, but plans beyond this do not really exist..

Heh, whaddya know. A lovely blog entry. When shall it end? Now.

Sneaker Pimps
Becoming X (1996)
6 underground

Take me down, 6 underground,
The ground beneath your feet,
Laid out low, nothing to go
Nowhere a way to meet
I've got a head full of drought,
Down here, so faroff losing out
Round here,

Overground, watch this space,
I'm open to falling from grace

Calm me down, bring it round
Too way high off your street
I can see like nothing else
In me you're better than I wannabe
Don't think 'cos I understand,
I care, don't think 'cos I'm talking we're friends,

Overground, watch this space,
I'm open to falling from grace

Talk me down, safe and sound
Too strung up to sleep
Wear me out, scream and shout
Swear my time's never cheap
I fake my life like I've lived
Too much, I take whatever you're given
Not enough,

Overground, watch this space,
I'm open to falling from grace

Posted by Havanna @ 20:07, May 13, 2004
Hey Marco, I read the whole (random) text, even the parts about computer... ;) And I had to write to tell you that I am reading what you write and so you don't feel sad! ;)

Posted by Marco @ 20:21, May 13, 2004
Haha. Oh why thank you so much! :P

Posted by Di @ 00:19, May 15, 2004
haha, I know the feeling of not ebing at home at all during this past week, i just wish when I wasn't home I was having fun. Lol. And YES we are going to the beach tomorrow, erm, later today. Lol.