Another week of weeks in another year of years.
Published Friday September 1st, 2006

It’s been more than a week since I last wrote and rambled about something. What an un-diligent blogger I have been. It’s certainly been a crazy week of fun, good times, and resurfaced emotions. I doubt any part of this entry will be as thoughtful or insight full as anything you might read on Chris’ blog, but this has always been the case.. at least as of late.

In the background I hear Stacy (a sales person) and in the distance, my boss and CEO Lance talking on the phone together trying to sell our Omniupdate product like crazy. Running it kind of like a tag-team sales call they both take turns speaking and explaining how the system works. Lance seems to provide more explanation and more of the how, and Stacy makes it fluffy and good sounding with words like, “cost-effective,” “easy,” “advantages,” and so forth. I think it’s time to put on ear phones and listen to some music. Ah yes, much better.

Last time I wrote it was Wednesday.. Since then.. It seems like so much and yet so little has happened. Thursday I hung out with Matt and Isaac. I saw old faces like Kurt Miller and others. Friday Matt and I headed over to Mallory’s house where we met up with Isaac, Cory, Abby, and Mallory as well as an assortment of other people like, again, Kurt Miller and Sarah Something. People I had not seen in quite some time.

When the weekend came around.. Well.. It was a good weekend. A type of weekend I have not enjoyed in some time.. Most of the time I was just by myself at home. I mixed for hours on Saturday and again on Sunday. I love mixing. By the way.. Whenever I’m mixing I usually have a Internet-audio stream broadcasting. When said broadcast is active, you should notice an annoying flashing widget in the top-right of this page alerting you to the fact that the stream is up and providing you with the stream-URL. Neat-o fact about the inner workings of my web-page right there.

At some point this weekend I saw V for Vendetta at Chelsea’s house with Chelsea. I love that movie. V is awesome. I wish I could ramble like he can. I hear that a paragraph is supposed to contain at least three to four sentences. I guess I can end this one.

Monday came along.. And it was somewhat of a typical Monday at work. By typical I mean.. slow and somewhat unmotivated and long... oh so very long. Although not related to Monday, I might mention that one of my co-workers, Jon, is quitting and moving on to a new job in his career. I might take over, as time continues, some of his graphic-design work for the company... and that’s exciting. Although, on the other hand.. It’s kind of sad to see him leave because he’s been enjoyable to work and collaborate with, as well as joke with on-line.

Directly after work, after not having seen her for at least a year, I picked up Rachel Williams in Newbury Park and we went to dinner at El Torito. After dinner, we successfully attempted to find Mike’s new home. With Mike in-tow, we headed over to Grant’s. After some time by Grant’s we headed back to Mike’s where we hung about a bit until calling it a night. I then took Grant and Rachel back to their respective abodes.

Tuesday came around. School. Boring. Took forever. Wouldn’t end.. but finally did at 15.00. I went home and recovered. I didn’t sleep particularly great the night before so I napped a bit.. or tried. At around 19.00 I headed over to Newbury Park and picked up Rachel again, soon followed by Grant. We (I) went to Jamba Juice in T.O. And then we drove around a bit visiting Point Mugu and Von’s where Rachel bought Soy-ice cream (eww). We briefly headed up to my house.. mainly to get a spoon and then a plan developed to meet up with Mike, Chelsea, and Danielle at Newbury Park’s In-n-Out... So we did. Towards midnight I brought Grant and Rachel back home, then headed home myself.

Wednesday came and went... Thursday came and went.. and today has come, and will go. In some ways it has been a crazy week and I’m ready for this one to end and next week to come... however... there is still one more major event to come before this week can end.. a crazy weekend.

What more to say.. what more to say.. nothing really.. Didn’t really have anything to say to begin with.. It’s funny how more than a week of time and events can simply be compressed and summarized into a single short page of text. All the details left out, and any of the important or more interesting bits omitted, or perhaps censored for the purpose of posting a general summary onto this blog. So many random bits of detail I could add that would shock some, amuse others. Bits of detail which would perhaps show insight into my emotions, strong opinions, or.. who knows what.

I suppose this is true for all people on their own: To be able to get a full comprehension of my being (or anyones), of who I am (or anyone) and what I (etc..) think.. you’d have to round up everyone I know and speak to. Each person with whom I communicate shares a unique link to me and knows something of or about me in some way that no other does. Of course.. this doesn’t sound at all amazing, and is true for every person respectively.. But when you really think about this.. It’s a neat concept. What I might have told one person, I might have also not told another person. And what I might have told this other person, I might not have had the chance to share with that original person. Person A knows a bit about me which Person B does not know. Person B knows a bit about me which Person A does not know. Person C knows what Person A and B know but does not know what Person D knows, which Person A knows but not Person B. Ooooohhhh! What a mind-fuck! When you round of all these Persons.. only then could one put together the entire picture of who and what Marco Luethy is, what he thinks, and he likes and doesn’t like and the things he does and doesn’t do.

Switzerland. Hawaiian Iced tea. Desire. Dell. Phone. Business Cards. Apple. Heart. Saw. Song. Microsoft parents system “for selecting and conjugating a verb.” Intel to lay off thousands. Job security. Or lack there off. I can see, I can say. I can do. I can Love I can Live to Free. Crazies. Politics. Hate hearing about sept. 11th. No more. Stop. Move on. No more cheesy over dramatic documentaries. Don’t care. Perhaps I’m cold hearted. I hate my English class. School sucks. Heartache. Can’t breath. Probably a mental thing. What’s on my mind today? Oh too many things. Nervous. Anxious for this weekend. In odd way wish it was already past. Samsung achieves 4G wirless target. Black wallpaper. Tree. A phone sits on my desk and rings. I do not answer it. I do not enjoy answering phone. Nervousness. Uncomfortable. Don’t know what to say. Sound like an idiot. Stuttering. Uncertainty. Confusion. Anxiety. Anxious. Where is my easy button? How about a fast-forward button? Where are they? I want one. Please? Loneliness. Alone.. but not. Emotionally alone. Perhaps.

Monkeys. They like bananas.. At least that’s what I’ve been told. Maybe they don’t. Maybe it’s just an odd form of propaganda. Perhaps this government wants all it’s citizens/residents to believe that monkeys like bananas when in actuality they do not. There’s a lot of propaganda on television and in the media here. Chairman is making food in the microwave. It smells like airplane food. It stinks. Ick. I now feel sick and like throwing up. But.. I’ve felt that all week anyway. For different reasons, perhaps. The brain. Crazy thing. Fucks with ya. Hard to control. Perhaps. In some cases. Uncertainty. Whispers. Fears. Perhaps. What If monkeys do actually like bananas? A kiss. iTunes to have movie downloads this month. Softness. Default font. Text editor. Love.

More random things which pop into my mind: anime. Youtube. Dropbox. Brian Tusi. Buttons. Wes Waugh. Mission oaks. High School. Eww. Flynn Road.. Mr. Flynn. A tall tree. Camera. Green. A deep blue sky. Polarizing filter. 52”. Step-down ring. Large Format 4x5 camera. Tilt and angle. Plane of Focus. Vignetting. Exposure. Brooks. Photography. Moorpark. Boring. History is good. Politics annoy me. I hate this government. Where is home? I don’t like cheese-its. Ice cream. I don’t like Ice cream. Soy milk. Fast food. Words. Words can make you blind. Words can rule and can touch your mind. I suppose this is true. Ctrl-S. Ctrl-S. Ctrl-S. I keep hitting Ctrl-S. Over.. and over... and over. I just hit it again. Ctrl-s. Ctrl-S. Ctrl-S. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Why? Why? Why? Why what? I don’t know. Wait what? How so? I don’t know. Let’s go. Make. Make. Make? What? I don’t know. Just don’t know. What’s there to know? Not much. It’s tough. Nimbus Roman No9 L. OpenOffice. Pirates. Har har har. I’m a pirate. Mike. Neighbor’s house. Prancing around.

Notes. Musical notes. Piano. Beautiful resonance of a piano. People. Piano soothes my aching heart. Matt plays piano during a break from our English class. Soothing. So soothing. Escape. Escape from the horrors of said English class. Feels good. Release. Heart can relax. No. Don’t want to return to English. Must. Unfortunate. So Painful. I hate other people. Hate. Why? Terrible. Not supposed to hate, or so I’ve been told. Why not? .. That’s a stupid question, I suppose. Tolerance. I tolerate. I try so hard. Others don’t. I hate that. I hate them. Ironic. Ha ha ha ha haaaa. Dropbox. Dropbox. Dropbox. Gtran. Tagging. Tagging. Tagging. Linux4. OX. Tagging Tagging. Gtran. Dropbox. E-Mail. Certificate. Certs. Workspace. Black wallpaper. Motivation. Where? Not here. Over there? .. Perhaps. Not sure. I’ll check. .. Nope. Not there. Maybe over there? Again, I’ll check.. Hm.. Perhaps. Just Perhaps. I don’t know. Maybe? Who knows. I don’t know. Like I’ve said.. I don’t know. Why don’t I know. Confusing. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Confusing.

Computer cannot keep up with my typed words. Amusing. Pathetic on computers part. Giant list. Roadmap meeting. Roadmap. Road. Map. A map of a road. A road on a map. Inescapable. Escape. Release from Desire. Desire. Drought. Desert. Ice cream. Coconut and Pineapple. Eww. Milk. Good. Jump. Jump. Jump. My mind, my thoughts. Jump Jump Jump. Here to there to everywhere. All at once and once for all but not forever but not to conclude just yet. Ctrl-S, Ctrl-S, Ctrl-S. Amoeba. Vinyl. Yes I will. I’d love to. Indeed. Oh but the wait. I wait. Dropbox. Is it lunch time? Brian is going to lunch. Bye Brian. Enjoy your lunch. Lunch. Lunch. Lunch. Type, Type, Type. I type and I type and I type. Furiously like my mind as it races. A race. A horse race. Daniela. Andrea. Tennis. A desk. A computer. A mouse. A mouse.. a House. A mouse in a house making a home of the house for the mouse. Moose. 21 Celsius. I’m hungry. Lunchtime? Lunchtime. Perhaps. Yes.. Yes, lunch time.
Posted by The fatty @ 14:35, September 01, 2006
That is one of the most accurate descriptions of a mind racing I have read in a long time. Bene!

Posted by Chris @ 14:58, September 01, 2006
Aahaha, such a great depiction of the randomness of the bored working mind. I really don't think cubicals (or a desk near the front in your case) is really a productive environment, it doesn't encourage anything new. 2 xanga eprops to marco!

Posted by Brian @ 17:08, September 04, 2006
Pssh, MySpace kudos are SOOO much more valuable. Marco's desk at the moment really is not a good "productive" place. But he'll be moving a week from today anyways. I'm curiuos though, how could a workspace be more productive? Maybe a crapload of knick-knacks is necessary... <img src=" office/google-office2.jpg"> (hope Marco's blog doesn't block HTML... oh well.