Published Saturday January 18th, 2003

Guess what!? Yes! its weekend! and a three day weekend at that! Excellent. Oh so very excellent! Monday is martin luther kind day, i believe. heh... then tuesday through thursday i get to take first semester finals... 6 of 'em.. heh, fun. And, we get next friday off as well. woot! however, im not really looking forward to finals. They'll probably all ruin my grades. oh well, whatever. Dont really care. Its weekend! I'm happy. Excellent.
Heh, today after school i went home and took a nap till around 1800. At that time mike called me up and told me to get up. lol. The group then met at starbucks... we hung out a bit... raymond, tyson, kate, grant, ... k, im just gona stop listing all these people, its pointless. there are more.. lol anyways... We then went to blockbuster.. and.. ended up leaving with austin powers goldmember... which we watched at kates... then.. we randomly came to my house where we walked down into the canyon and adam and i, bored, ditched the rest and ran through the avacado trees... yeh.. we then hung out a bit in my houses' guest house.. and then people started going home. Fun.
So, all that said.. now what? on Wednesday 3 cd's arived which i had ordered a while back on amazon.com... Lol, i still have around 8 cd's more that i should get sometime between now and march. They take a while to arive because they're all imported from Europe.. lol. Anyways, wednesday i got Ian van dahl - ace, Dj sammy - heaven, and Matt darey & marcella woods - U shine on (single)... heh, fun, no? oh yes. The dj sammy - heaven cd has a lot of remakes of older songs.. lol, like "The boys of summer" and "California dreamin'".. heh, not quite sure what i think about that... at least the remakes sound good. heh. I've also been trying to find some good Ambience music. Or, some more.. i should say. heh. But its hard to find anything, and mp3.com music sucks. so.. heh. Its a random dive into Open nap servers with random search strings that might be successfull. I also try finding some artists on amazon.com and other music sites, but .. heh, nothing good yet. heh.
Hrm, well then. Im high spirited this evening. good thing, i may add. Especially since most throughout this past week ive been a bit down and depressed. i believe lack of sleep is to blame. may i add, im quite tired right now. heh, but i know that tomorrow morning or, afternoon.. i can sleep as long as i wish, and this for another 3 days. So, im quite satisfied and content. Truly amazing, no? oh, oh yes!
Hrm, i'm in a typing and writing mood... so, ill just go on, babling away for no apparent reason because no one in their right mind reads all this, or any of these news postings. heh.
Thursday after school i went to the oxnard dmv with my dad to retake my writen test... my permit expired last december on the 28th and i havent passed the driving test yet... so, yep.. renew my stupid permit and this comming february on wed the 5th at 10 ill be in thousand oaks taking my drivers liscence test, which i may add... ill fail as i get way to nervous when i take it. Heh, ohb well, i never leave my house anyways- and when i do i get rides from people. However, it would be cool if i could drive... I'd randomly leave my house and go to the beach or up into the malibu mountains just to be alone, in a calmn environment, maybe listen to music and forget about everything. Certainly that'll be fun.
Hrm, what else could i possibly yap about? I could mention im thirsty at this moment, but that would be slighly redundant as i just did. ha, ha ha. wasnt that clever? oh, i thought so myself. mhmm.
ah! i've got something... Why is it that a lot of music is about love? Cant people sing about something else? Like, if i had the writing abilities and talents to write songs, and suchlike.. Id write a song about... err.. a tree that had no leaves because it was winter and there was snow falling. Or something. lol, i dunno. It probably wouldnt sell well, a song like that. haha. oh well.
Hrm... there are a few things i'd like to accomplish this weekend, probablyy of which ill do none off. However, i would like to redo and finish epiar.net's community login code, and then i'd also like to do something on my synthesizer again, for once... maybe make a song or something. Of course it would suck, but why not try? Exactly.
El Condor Pasa! */me cough's... remake!* lol.
heh. wow, im even more thirsty now then i mentioned before. Maybe i could lift my not fat, lazy ass and take it downstairs to refill my empty glass with some milk! I love milk, with a passion... or desire, or maybe necessity. I'm not sure, doesnt really matter. heh.
It's 9 deg Celcius right now! Today it was hot. Why? i hate hot. hot is .. well.. hot. hot is not good, but hot is bad and not good but not good instead bad. Yes. This is truth, from my point of view anyways.
Ah, yes. i believe i'll lift my rear now and get me some milk. Luckily, you wont notice the time it takes me to do this, as this is a news posting and doesnt really express time values.
Ah! i return! A whole glass of milk sits before (and slightly to the left) of me! Very exciting, i do insist. Wow, im quite energetic, yet im tired as hell. Quite perplexing. I do insist.
what to i babble on about now? Im sort of at a lost right now! i dont really know what to write! ah! how horrible! horrid! horrid! ah! so... terrible! .. not really. oh-well. thats okay! its oookay! Yeh, i think its time for me to go to bed, im starting to not make sence and slightly lose my mind. heh.
Posted by Kate @ 19:02, January 18, 2003
I want to french kiss you! (chris in bg: me too!)

Posted by Marco @ 21:58, January 18, 2003
...Thats fantastic... (the chris part)

Posted by Marco @ 02:54, January 19, 2003
Im bored.. lets post some irc stuff.. <eclipse> i have like 35 gb... <eclipse> probably less <foukou> 95G /media/mp3 9.0G /media/ogg <eclipse> actually <eclipse> i don\\'t get it <foukou> I like literaly have a friggn hard disk with just music on it <foukou> yeeah, how cool is that? <foukou> loL <eclipse> baffling man <foukou> lo <foukou> its funny <foukou> hrm... lets try and estimate how much music I listen to a year.. <foukou> k.. a normal average schoolday.... <foukou> from ..say.. 1600-2300... minus .. lets be generous.. 2 hours for food and maybe tv... so.. 5 hours.. eww.. tats not a lot.. <foukou> k.. <foukou> 5 hours... day.. 5 times a week... 25 hours a week.. <foukou> 25 <foukou> k.. weekends.... I get up.. say at .. 1300 and.. go to bed at 0300... lets just subtract 3 hours fromt hat... so, 11 hours.. 22 hours on weekends ignoring the fact that I go to bed earlier on sundays... <foukou> 25+22 = 47 a week.. <foukou> excluding the fact of other off days, and summer, winter and spring vacation... <foukou> 47*52 = 2444 hours.. <foukou> 101 days.. <foukou> 101/365 of the year I listen to music <foukou> meaning.. <foukou> I could listen to my entire collection about twice a year... <foukou> holy shit. * foukou blinks. <foukou> hahahaha <foukou> thats insane. <foukou> I could get through all my music barely twice in a year <foukou> hahahhahaah <foukou> [02:49] <gabber_boy> i am an elite.i can kick you whenever i want, and if you don\\'t put me in front of the queue you will be banned forever from this server&the net <foukou> [02:51] <gabber_boy> did u get the point? <foukou> hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha