Psychotic IRC rant
Published Thursday June 5th, 2003

Instead of making a real posting, ill just post my rant from an IRC channel.
The end has more actuall content.

<foukou> damnit I have heartburn again.. I keep getting it... pos
<iosif> maybe you should get a tiny bit of exercise every now and then..
<foukou> me?
<foukou> iosif: when do you get any excercise?
<iosif> the gym, rarely
<foukou> loL, very very rarely.
<iosif> teenagers arent supposed to have heartburn
<foukou> next time you go to the gym i'll come with.
<iosif> .. loL k
<foukou> then we can lift some weights. I think I can pull off 1 kg.
<eclipse> i have heartburn...
<eclipse> it's called acid reflux disease
<iosif> weights are gay
<foukou> eclipse: it's claled 1 kg.
<iosif> i just ride the bike
<eclipse> go see the doctor foukou, you might have acid reflux
<foukou> iosif: I have one of those at my house.. my dad uses it
<iosif> fun
<foukou> eclipse: loL, doubtful, and no.. I don't do the doctor thing
<iosif> loL
<iosif> the doctor thing?
<eclipse> I normally don't either, oddly enough it's the only thing they've ever done right
<foukou> doctor what? huh?
<foukou> I usualy get heart burn when I haven't eaten much all day like today.. loL
<foukou> so, I know what my problem is
<foukou> I just feel like bitching.
<foukou> ya know?
<foukou> loL
<foukou> 6 more days.
<foukou> 6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6
<foukou> too too many
<foukou> ooh!!
<foukou> w00t
<foukou> 2 more full days of school..
<foukou> the other 4... minimummuminimaluminim days
<foukou> 6 is too much
<foukou> too many
<foukou> too long
<foukou> too far away
<foukou> in 2 weeks Ill be relaxing on some hawaiian beach.
<foukou> in 5 weeks i'll be chillin' in switzerland
<foukou> wheeeeeeee!!!!
<foukou> summer summer summer, now!
<foukou> I want summer now!
<foukou> gimme gimme gimme!
<foukou> everybody's free, it feels good!
<foukou> summer time is almost here.'
<foukou> 6 days.. seems so close.. but.. so far away...
<foukou> I wish I could close my eyes.. and.. then open up again and have it be the 13th
<foukou> what do we want? summer!
<foukou> when do we want it? now!
<foukou> #epiar: YOU ALL BORE ME.
<foukou> eclipse: speak.
<foukou> iosif: speak.
<foukou> VashTheGod: speak.
<foukou> xiphias: speak.
<foukou> I shoud go to bed.
<foukou> Marco, go to bed.
<foukou> get your ass into the bathroom, brush your teeth and the haul your ass into your bed.
<foukou> do it now.
<foukou> go.
<foukou> now.
<foukou> mooove!!1
<foukou> goo!!!1
<foukou> go now!!!!
<foukou> argh!!!
<foukou> why isn't this working!
<foukou> get.
<foukou> the fuck.
<foukou> up.
<foukou> and go.
<foukou> move!
<foukou> now!
<foukou> aaiiii!!
<foukou> why is it so hot in my room.
<foukou> that was more of a statement then a question.
<foukou> im glad I wont be here during the hot part of summer... my computer would fry.
<foukou> it would be like.. hoooly shit!
<foukou> and then melt.
<foukou> and then I would cry.
<foukou> my heat making machine!
<foukou> hellooo?
<foukou> anyone?
<foukou> awake?
<foukou> out there?
<foukou> helloo?
<foukou> server split?
<foukou> howdy?
<foukou> anyone?
<foukou> speaken sie?
<foukou> ja?
<foukou> kommt doch... sagt ihr mal etwas... bitte?
<foukou> ooh!!!
<foukou> today in german...
<foukou> we did review crap for the final... oh.. good god... booooring...
<foukou> it's like....
<foukou> sitting in english class..
<foukou> and...
<foukou> conjucating this huge list of verbs... going through ever fucking verb... all the forms .. present.. past... and simple past......... and no one understands..
<foukou> and you're sitting there.... and the teacher is like... does that make sence? we can skip the rest, right.. I was so bored that I yelled out, yes!... loL
<foukou> soo damn boring..
<foukou> im sitting in my chair
<foukou> yes.. yes..yes..yess.. stop.. stop no more
<foukou> we get it
<foukou> stop stop stop
<foukou> then I slam my head into my backback, fall asleep.. and wake up with huge mark on my forehead.. then.. leave class... and VashTheGod goes... ohh someone fell asleep..
<foukou> and im like....
<foukou> AAAAIIII!!!!!
<foukou> then, we got to chem class.. 5th period...
<foukou> dr wright starts yapping away...
<foukou> slam! my head is on my desk...
<foukou> my eyes close..
<foukou> and.. bam!
<foukou> I slept for 45 minutes.... not like.. somewhat sleeping.. eyes closed and resting but.. completely comatose, for 45 minutes. just sleeping...
<foukou> loL
<foukou> it was great.
<foukou> then in 6th period.. my teacher was being a fucking bitch... and.. then the bell rung out of no where, I must have drifted off again.. I go home and.. bam! I take more nap time...
<foukou> w00t.
<foukou> and now it's just about time... time to go to bed.. if my body would move.
<foukou> body.. move.. now.
<foukou> HELLO!?
<eclipse> ...
<foukou> ahh..
<foukou> there is someone.
<foukou> yip! yip! yip! yip! yip! yip!
<foukou> eeee!
<foukou> yip! yip! yip! eeee! yip yip!
<foukou> I WANT SUMMER
<foukou> VACATION
<foukou> NOW
<foukou> GIvE
<foukou> IT
<foukou> TO ME
<foukou> NOW
<foukou> NOW
<foukou> NOW