For all La Conchita lookers
Published Monday January 17th, 2005

This entry is addressed to those who slow down while driving by La Conchita on the 101 Freeway in California to look at the land slide. I hate you.

If you are one of those people who slow down to check out and have a glimpse at an accident, or.. say.. land slide off the side of the road, I have a revelation for you: I do not want to sit in traffic for 3 hours so that you and your stupid self can look at a fucking land slide. I hope that you die a long, very long, horrible death stretched out for many agonising and very painful days, then awaken in hell, finding yourself tortured by a spiked whip which Beelzebub holds in his hands because you were not even good enough for Satan.
Posted by Simon+ @ 22:58, January 17, 2005
Preach on brother!

Posted by Hav%E4nneli @ 04:18, January 18, 2005
You are mean, cousin! ;) No way, I love you, you know that... I'll write more one of these days, when I won't be that busy for university... But have a great time, I'm glad you are now back in school as well! Hihi! Switzerland says hi...

Posted by Margret @ 22:29, January 18, 2005
Marco, they look because thats were people died and because we all have to die someday, we are fascinated with such places. Forgive them and don't wish them something so horrible. I love people! Versuendige dich nicht mein Sohn. Muti/Margret

Posted by Chris @ 00:45, January 19, 2005
Silly Marco, you should be arguing mud, not traffic. If they just made mud illegal there wouldn't be mudslides and nobody would slow down. Duh! Geez man.

Posted by +rl @ 08:20, January 19, 2005
Hi Marco, that are no nice sentence, by peaceful and don't send the poor people to hell. aber, aber Marco

Posted by Laura @ 22:22, January 20, 2005
In case you didnt know, a woman was killed yesterday for slowing down to look at the La Conchita slide. The car behind her wasnt paying attention and totally slaughtered her car. I guess your wish came true. :(

Posted by marwin+ @ 13:28, January 23, 2005
lol... take it easy Marco! lol... :) ;)