A Poor Quality Entry
Published Wednesday December 13th, 2006

Tomorrow is my last final. Tuesday was my Dad's birthday. He turned 48. Today I had work. It was okay. I spent a lot of time in Fireworks. Actually, I spent the whole day working with Fireworks. I'm listening to music right now. I'm listening to Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line. Before I listened to Morcheeba - World Looking In. I couldn't say which I liked more. I'm feeling slightly motivated to do some work on my website/blog. I would if my internet connection wasn't so sluggish. "Don't stop just yet; we've got the world looking in.. our window."

Carlos Mencia is not funny. Is Mythbusters on yet? Ten minutes before something somewhat interesting is on the television. "You and me were meant to be, walking free in harmony. One fine day, we'll fly away. Don't you know Rome wasn't built in a day." Hrm, I guess now I'm listening to Morcheeba - Rome Wasn't Built in a Day... both previous statements happen to be true.

This entry, just like the last, is about nothing in particular, and particularly about nothing. I've found it rather difficult to find something to write about the past few days. I guess there aren't many thoughts in my mind to share. Perhaps there are too many thoughts in my mind and I can't grasp any single one. Likely. Maybe. Short paragraphs are fun.

Last Tuesday, yesterday, while killing some time between my first and second class.. I was sitting on a wall near the music building. First this guy walks by. He looked very familiar. I think his name was Kumani Huck (spelling?) and I went to Sequoia Middle School with him or something. Then, shortly after I see a girl walk by. She looked very familiar. I think her name was Jamie Holguin (spelling?) I have not seen these people, and I have not even thought of these people for 7 years (possibly more.) I never really knew these people. They weren't my friends; I didn't talk to them. They just went to school with me. How is it that I still recall their names by just seeing them for a few seconds as they walked by? I'm usually so absolutely terrible with names. Neither of them seemed to recognize me, or did not make it known. Neither did I. The conversation would have been odd: "Hey.. You look familiar. Are you Jaimie? I think I went to Sequoia Middle School with you. I'm Marco." "Uhh.. who the fuck are you?" "Err.. never mind."

The past few days I've been having random difficulties falling asleep. I'm very tired but then when I go to bed and lay down, I am unable to fall asleep. Usually when I go to bed I lay down, close my eyes, and then I wake up and it's morning. Just like that. In the past few days it's taken me 60-90 minutes before I fell asleep then woke up in the morning. I've also been feeling less refreshed in the morning, as if my REM cycles were shorter or not as good-or-something. My during-day naps have been different too. I keep dreaming during my daytime naps but then not being able to discern dream from reality when I wake up. What I thought was something someone said to me, was actually just something they said to me in my dream. What gives?

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Chris always has neat-o stuff to write about in his blog entries. Why don't I? It's not fair. Hmph.

I'm looking for a new title for my site. Something instead of "marco.luethy.net." A super cool name with this blog. I don't know what, though. I didn't know 6 years ago when I first titled this site "marco.luethy.net." I mean, my RSS feed's title reads "marco.luethy.net Weblog Feed." How boring is that? I'll tell you: Very boring. Suggestions, anyone?

I'll conclude this entry with that query. This shitty entry was one bazillion times better than all of that guy's weblog combined. I really don't like that guy.
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