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Published Thursday September 11th, 2003

Heh, todays torture device.. the juda's cradle!

The victim was hung by an iron belt surrounding his upper waist, he was bound hand and foot, his legs were kept slightly open by a stick in such a way that he could only move them at the same time. He was hoisted over a pointed pyramid put on top of a rack. His legs were stretched out frontwards and joined with a rope at his ankles. The victim was lowered onto the pyramid point that penetrated into the anus or vagina. Thus the victim, with his muscles contracted, couldn't relax and fall asleep.
( citation )
Heh, yea... that.. uhm.. look thoughroughly painful. I think i'll pass and go to school instead. Anyways... not a whole lot to say today.. so.. uhm.. yea.. Went out to dinner with Cory Franklin tonight.. that was cool.. we talked for a good 2 hours... i love talking with him.. good guy... heh.. anyways... that's all.. just wanted to post the torture device for today.. lol.