Published Monday May 3rd, 2004

The photo up there shows my house's newly installed solar panels that produce about 40kwh a day, i think. I think there are 40 panels, or something. The panels are located on the edge of the cliff right below my house. They're fun.

Heh.. It would appear as though i have not made an entry in some time. Thusly, i believe now, the time has come to make yet another. Lets begin with the typical recalling of recently passed events.

Last friday i woke up, and more or less imediately left my house and drove to Steak and Hoagie for lunch where i met up with Mike, Grant, Kate, Adam and Wes. We ate, then Mike and I went to my house where we synced some files. While the files copied we went driving in the manual civic because Mike wished to practice some. We went to Robeks, and continued driving around. While driving around, Mike asked, "Do you have a cell phone?-" and right as he said "phone" my cell phone rang. My mom called to tell me that PC Club called and said that my laptop was ready to be picked up. Mike and I drove back to my house, where i picked up my reciept, and we then drove to Thousand Oaks, went to PC Club, and i picked up my beautiful, sleek, thin, awesome laptop. We return to my house where i beging to look for my Windows 2000 installation CD's, but can't find them. As we sit around, Mike says, "I should go get my cell phone.-" And once again, right as Mike said "phone" my cell phone rang, again. This time it was Matt calling, wondering what was up. Twice, Mike said "phone" and each time my cell phone rang. It was rather odd, and very unprobable.

Matt then drove up to my house, and soon thereafter Kate. All the while i was still, somewhat frantically, seeking some installation disks. I bought the laptop without an operating system on it. It saved me $70. Though, i couldn't, and still havent found my Windows 2000 installation CD's.. We, as in Mike, Matt, Kate and myself, drove to Matt's house where he said he had Windows installation disks, but, that turned out negative. We drove to Kate's, who said she had a Windows XP updater thingo, whatnot. So, we got that. I never ended up using it.

After leaving Kate's house, we drove over to Tyson's house where we had too many people, so the plan was that Mike and I drive back to my house where I would get a car, and return. (Kate and Matt each had their own cars at my house, for some reason.) However, upon getting to my house, i tried to install Windows 98, so that i could do the upgrade XP thingo, but for some reason Windows 98 wouldnt install on my laptop. I ditched everyone, called Mike and said i would not be coming and went to Jesse's instead. Jesse had windows 2000 installation cd's.. Or, rather.. singluar, a Windows 2000 isntallation cd.. So i installed it at Jesse's house. We hung around in his room, I installed some games once i had my operating system up and running and played them. Namely, Comand and Conquer: Generals. Wes and Andy showed up and we watched Leno, and made fun of him and his shitty jokes. Andy's cousin was in the audience on Leno, hence why we watched in the first place. When it came time to leave, around 0100 I went outside to my car, and found that i had no battery. Being used to the Truck's headlights were they turn off by themselves, i forgot to turn off the Civic's lights. I went back to Jesse's front door, knocked, and asked Jesse if he had the means to jump my battery. Luckily, he did, and all was swell once my battery was powered, once again. I drove home and played around on my new laptop into the night.

On Saturday i was awaken by Mike, and then Matt and Tyson walking into my room. Mike, Kate, Matt, Tyson and myself went to some Tux shop nearby Robeks. I found the cheapest Tux, $60.- woo! I was accused of being a cheap ass. I'm proud. Why spend any more on such a ridiculous garment. The Tux is for Prom. Who i'm going with is still in debate. At one point in time i was going to go with Kate, and then, i was going to go with Matt, and, supposedly things have changed again? I don't know, don't care. Prom is going to be boring, anyway.

We drove to Tyson's house afterwards where we waited for Wes, who wished to sauter something in his amp. Afterwards, i finally got a ride home. I'd been yearning to go home ever since i had left in the morning. I hooked up my laptop to my familys big screen tv via an s-video cable and then played Sim City on the big screen. Haha, it was awesome. Sometime later, i ate Dinner and then went to Matt's house. We played game toghether all evening long. I love Battlefield 1942. Good game. I got home at around 0300. I burned Fedora core 2 test 3 onto 4 CD-R's. I was originally going to install gentoo on my laptop, but, it turned out that i was way too lazy to undertake the setup process required by Gentoo, so, i didn't. I went to bed at sometime around 0430.

I woke up around 1300 on Sunday and played Battlefield 1942 laying in my bed for an hour or so, and finally got up at 1400. I installed Fedora core 2 test 3 on my laptop, and shortly thereafter went to Matt's house again, sometime between 1500 and 1600. We played some Battlefield 1942, had some good rounds. We ate dinner that Matt's grandma had cooked. Spaghetti and meatballs, or something of the sort. It's taste was quite american. We played around some more, played game or 2 of SWAT 3. I got bored, and played around a bit in my just installed Linux setup on my laptop. For the most part i just installed and played around with random metacity, gtk2/1 themes and suchlike. A lot of playing around in different and various ways. I went, and got home at around 2230. Put on my pj's and went through the usual just-got-home procedures i tend to go through, and then watched pre-recorded (on shitty VHS) Alias, Star Trek Enterprise, and then 10.5. 10.5, the NBC mini-series.. is absolutely terrible, its hilarious. Why didn't they give it a bigger budget? Even $10 would have done a lot. Haha. While watching all these, i was also comfortably chatting away on my spiffy laptop. VHS is icky. All this, while dreading school hours later. I went to bed at around 0300.

Woke up 4 or so hours later to go to school. Woo. Econ we did absolutely nothing. We took 1 note. Want to know what it was? I bet you do! I bet you do! Okay, fine, i'll tell you. The 1 line note we took all period long was, "..." ... ehh, i forgot what it was. Oh well. English was more of the same, and ditto for German. What a blast. When i got home, i drank some milk, and colapsed in bed. I set my alarm clock for 1430, so that i could get up and do things, but this was not to be. I regained consciousness at around 1630. I'm not sure what happened to the alarm. I know it was set. I must have turned it off in my sleep, by reflex or something. This now deems my alarm clock pointless.

When i did finally get up, i moaned and groaned about the heat. I had a headache, too. The headache was probably from being hungry and hot combo. I went outside a bit and took some photos of flowers and .. well.. yea, flowers. Downloaded 400 photos from my digital camera (hooray for 1gb CF cards) and started to pick out the good from the bad, and then play around with the good in Photoshop. Woop De Doo. T'was fun. At some point, i ate dinner, and when i finished, i started to type this. Thusly, here i am.

It's amusing to see people reach my site via google, or some search engine when they search for topics that i had to research for school last year, and years before last that i had to do at the same time of year then as these people apparently do now. Some examples: example 1, example 2.

Heh, well then.. I think that'll do it for today.

Posted by DI @ 22:36, May 04, 2004
prom will be awesome marco, just you wait. people are cool when they are all dressed up.

Posted by andimandi @ 18:26, June 04, 2004
pretty rose at the end