2 more days before weekend
Published Wednesday January 8th, 2003

Bwah. i've almost made it to the end of this horrible week.
/me sighs.
heh. indeed. its almost humouring how much i censor from ever writing here.
today, or this evening when i was watching enterprise they showed 2 horridly disgusting commercials in a row... first.. they showed a resses peanut putter and milk chocolate whatnot commercial and they had the close up of the chocolate and the peanut butter and sort of mixing togheter... i almost puked. right after this commercial they showed a dominos cinnamon dots commercial.. just remembering seeing it makes me want to puke right now.. fj; klasfj;aklfj ksah BWAAH! YUCK!! i can hear the announcers voice "gooey, cinnamon coated.." ... AAAAIIIII!I!!!!!!!!!!!!!
/me spazzes in disgust.
aah! must change subject quickly before i actually do throw up. wouldnt that be exciting. oh.. oh yes.. yes indeed. heh.. and.. at the moment im having annoying breathing problems.... i have these occasionaly, and recently more frequently... i dont really know what it is.. but i dont get enought hair or so it seems and trying to take deep breaths just leaves me w/o breath and frustrated... quite annoying..
heh... yea... i dont really know what to write about.. school today was pretty typical.... if not completely typical..
yea.. whatever.. i just lost all my motivation for this news posting today...