Evening of musings.
Published Sunday September 5th, 2004

As i write this entry i am surrounded my a plethora of thoughts floating around in my mind. I'm sure this entry will take a long time to complete as i keep zoning out. Probably slightly tired, and i'm whistling my brains out to music.

Saturday was a truly fun day. The evening was filled with what i've been looking for. The day started at an early 1000 in the morning. My grandparent's wanted to go out for lunch and invited me along. We went with their motorcycles, me on the back with my grandfather and my grandmother on her own little motorcycle. We drove for an hour or so, and then found some restaurant where we ate. It was good. We drove back home and arrived at around 1500. Riding on a motorcycle is a pretty fun way to see things. You're out in the open and you have a 360 degree view of all your surroundings. I kind of have a desire to learn how to drive a motorcycle.. That would be great..

Photo's taken with my grandmother's digital camera.

With my grandfather on his motorcycle. In the front is my grandmother.

Morphed photo of my grandmother.

My grandmother!

Waiting for a train to cross the road.

Sexy me. I'm making a truly lovely face, here. I was trying to look normal for the camera. FAILURE!

I was pretty tired for some reason or another, so i went and took a three hour nap until around 1800. We had dinner, but i did not eat a lot because as plan had it, i was to join my cousin Sabrina and some of her friends to go eat chicken, but this fell through because she was running late coming back home from a wedding she had attended, and thus i had a second dinner. After some text-messaging back and forth, i ended up driving to her house, and from there we drove in her car to the town of Ramsei where we met up with another one of her friends, Dora (i think.. I'm hoooooooooorible with names.), the same one who had also come with to Street Parade and Energy. We then took her car to some party in a town called Luetzelflueh. The party, or sort of discotek, or whatever, was located in some warehouse. Bars set up in every corner, and a rather small dance floor. The music played was generally hit's from the past few years to the present. It was quite interesting to observe the people, as always. We got there at around 2215 and not much was happening as far as people dancing. Towards midnight, as the alcohol consumption was increased and making its effects visible, people were all over the place dancing without a care. Amusing for the very few who were not the least bit tipsy. I had an orange Bacardi Breezer at the beginning of the night, then a coke and Ice tea later on. *keeps taking breaks from typing to whistle his brains out.*

Sabrina introduced me to a lot of her friends which was cool. Met some new people who i'm not related to! Woo! Around midnight Dora got bored, and was tired and thus went home. I stood there watching my surroundings with great pleasure. Musing to myself quite frequently, the smile crossing my face clear evidence. Sabrina introduced me to another one of her friends, a colleague from work who's name i forgot as soon as she told me it. Once again, horrible with names. They just don't tend to stick in my mind. Sabrina introduced me to another one of her friends, who's name i believe was Corinne. We spent a good amount of the evening, or early morning chatting and pretending to dance. Had a lot of fun chatting, socialising, and musing to myself. The people were different than those at Energy and Street Parade.. You could see that they were not city people, but more from the locale.. An observation i mused over a lot.

While we were on the dance floor i came in contact with some guy who was trying to make eye contact with me. We started talking, joked a bit, and then somehow separated again. Just some random guy looking for social interaction. Later on, i bumped into him again, and we joked some more. He spoke only English with a thick accent, or not accent.. but he just talked very fast and it was somewhat difficult to understand him especially through the booming music. When we left, i was sitting outside with Corinne waiting for Sabrina who was trying to arrange a ride back home and the guy came up to me again and we had an actual conversation. Was amusing. From what i understood he was from Africa and going to school in Bern studying something having to do with engineering. Sabrina came out and a friend (named Chris! I know it because it was the most clear word he said in the sentence in which it was contained.) of [Kyan/Cyan/Kean (the guy who i'd been chatting with)] started talking to Sabrina, still in English. Sabrina got Chris's number and we now plan to meet up with them sometime for coffee or something. Ha ha. So awesome. Meeting random people is good fun. We headed to the car of a friend of Sabrina and Corinne's after saying goodbye to Cyan and Chris. She was also a bit tipsy, but insisted on driving. Everyone else was against her driving for obvious reasons, and being the only sober one i drove us all back to Sabrina's house. The person who the car belonged to insisted on driving home, and so we took her keys away from her. I departed from Sabrina's house and drove back into Wasen, back to my grandparent's apartment. I got home at around 0415, took a shower, listened to some music, and then went to bed.

I woke up on Sunday at around 1230 for lunch, and now here i am typing this.. for the past 90 minutes. Ha ha.

Heh.. A fun day, Saturday was.

I love whistling. When i reached my comfort level's to whistle again i had sort of lost my range on my whistling, but now my full range has been restored once again. I have my full whistling range again and i'm whistling y brains out like crazy! EEEEE!!!

Well then.. That'll do it. Wonder what i shall go find to do now..
Posted by Margret @ 17:43, September 06, 2004
Hi Marco, I like the sixt and sevent picture, to bad the Jacket of your Grandfather is also on it. What cool Grandparents you have!!!

Posted by rrhea @ 21:32, April 14, 2007
where are these pictures taken exactly