Published Wednesday August 3rd, 2005

Last Wednesday I dropped out of Brooks. Monday two days ago I registered for classes at Moorpark. Thursday I get my third check from Kragen. Moorpark classes start on the 15th of this month. In 5 years I can only hope to be as far away from here as possible. I wish I was in Europe. I wish something exciting would happen.
Posted by hav%E4nneli @ 05:16, August 03, 2005
Marco, why did this happen? Write me an email and explain everything, I am dying here to know what happened to my favourite photographer! I need your pictures to beautify my apartment and to spend my money on! ;) Seriously, why don

Posted by Eric @ 13:58, August 03, 2005

Posted by chris @ 20:26, August 06, 2005
dropped out cause you didnt like it or dropped out 'cause of the problems brooks is having... ?