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Published Sunday December 4th, 2005

I'll start this entry of with good, somewhat exciting news. As I mentioned about a month ago in this entry, I was asked by a gallery directory to pick out some of my favourite photographs I see throughout November. That article has now been posted to and can be read here! It's front-page news on (I'm foukou on Fun stuff, my 15 minutes of sort-of-fame.

Today is a entry-posting-like-crazy-day. Published 3 entries (including this one) to the site within moments of each other! Haha. Though the other two were created not today, but I held of on posting them because I needed to complete the site-theme change, and I needed to approve my latest prints. I?m rambling.

So what?s new, Marco? Uhm, well thanks for asking, Marco! Let?s see.. Oh, Marco, did I tell you that this is my last week of school before winter break? I did? Ah, splendid, isn?t it!? Indeed, I agree, Marco.

Thursday I drove my dad to LAX so that he could catch his flight to India. Traffic sucks. Manual car and stop-and-go traffic for nearly two hours makes my left leg very tired. Friday I worked all day. I went home for lunch, watched an episode of Noein, and then went back to work. In the afternoon, still at work, I had a two hour phone call with Lance (my boss) and Yves (one of the Omniupdate Java developers) on charsets ISO 8859-1 and UTF-8. Truly riveting. The point of the phone call was to figure out what the problem was, or where it came from, and then how to fix it. I now get to use Javascript and some combination of substr(), substring(), charAt(), charCodeAt, and fromCharCode(). That?ll be interesting.

After work, I went home.. ate dinner.. And then photographed a turntable for four hours. Then I edited the photographs of a turntable for another three hours, and then I went to bed. Saturday, after taking an unsatisfying shower, I went to the beach with Chelsea, and then went back home when she went to work. I played around with my website, and then at around 10.00 I picked up Matt by Savon, and then Chelsea from her house and we hung out until around 01.00 at which time I went home and played around with my website some more. I then went to bed, where I slept. When I finished sleeping, I woke up. I ate lunch, and now I am here. Aren?t these just the most fascinating details about nothing that you?ve ever heard!? I know! It?s true!


I?ve been a very good blogger this weekend.


That?s all for now.
Posted by The fatty @ 14:10, December 04, 2005
heh, indeed.

Posted by chris @ 16:28, December 04, 2005
good blogger approved. i like the new colors btw

Posted by Marco @ 16:37, December 04, 2005
Thanks! A little change is good.

Posted by Roland @ 22:53, December 04, 2005
Thanks again for the ride. As a reward you get a comment from India.