Circa Automagically
Published Sunday March 20th, 2005

Don't really know what to write.. It's been too long since I made an effort at an entry.. Oh well. I'll just ramble a bit. I'm considering going to How Sweet It Is, some rave in downtown L.A. I say I'm considering it because the same weekend I was planing on going down to San Diego and seeing a Chariot concert with Mike, Jesse and Matt.. Most likely I'll just do both... Because... A Trance/Techno event in L.A. that is not 21+.. I have to pounce on that. Indeed.

Heh.. Life.. has been more of the same. Drive to Santa Barbara to go to class during most weekdays, and hang out with friends in the evenings and weekend without really knowing quite what to do, yet ending up doing sort-of-something eventually. I wanted to go to Antelope valley this weekend, but It is raining so I decided against it. I shall go this coming Friday if weather permits it. I'm going to go photograph the Poppy's. If anyone wants to join, they may.. however.. It will likely be very boring because I'll be in a complete marco-esque photographer mode snapping off frames with my digital SLR, and some colour and b&w negs with my rented 4x5. I really hope the weather will be good. Nice clear, blue sky with some puffy clouds would be awesome. If not, the subject focus will be more at a macro length. Hooray for bellows compensation.

Heh.. yea.. I really don't know what to write about so.. How about some random photographs taken by my beautiful mobile phone camera:

Woooh hoo... Me sitting in the back of the class.

Car without a hood.

Jesus loves the little children. That's what it says. I kid you not.

The Bibleman Adventures. Again, I kid you not. Go into a Christian store sometime. They sell some amazing things.

"Good News! God Loves You My Muslim Friend!" and "Sharing Your Faith With a Buddhist" are the title of those books. Are you as disgusted as I?

I spelled my name with the dripping juices of my burger I was eating at the Burger Barn. That takes 1337 (leet) skills.

This is what I will look like when I am lead singer apart of a death metal band.

Posted by Simon @ 21:00, March 20, 2005
heh, wrong, matt has much different plans for you.

Posted by Marco @ 15:35, March 22, 2005
I don't care about Matt's plans.

Posted by Chelsea @ 00:58, March 23, 2005