End of 2004
Published Friday December 31st, 2004

The end of the year 2004 is near. I think 2004 was the fastest passing year that I have experienced so far in my life. The beginning of the year quickly flashed by and soon I was done with high school. Shortly thereafter I was off to Switzerland with some of my friends. That passed very quickly. Soon they had left, and I was off to France, then Germany, and then Greece after which I returned to Switzerland and another 2 months quickly flashed by and it was time for me to go to California again. As quickly as you just read all that, is how quickly this years passing has felt to me.

In the recent few days I have not really been up to a whole lot. Also the reason for the lack of entries. Nothing to write about. I've sat around here and there. I got my desktop back up and running, and my dad and I are also in the process of upgrading luethy.net (a rather unmotivated effort.) All in all, I've been rather unmotivated to do anything at all. I even feel a lack of motivation to write even this last entry of 2004. I blame Camarillo. Camarillo is so boring, one looses all motivation to do anything at all.

Heh, I don't really have much to say. 2004 is ending, and 2005 is beginning. If that isn't boring news enough.. I got nothing more.