Published Friday April 8th, 2005

Another week of school has passed. Two more left before the end of the session. Then.. I have two weeks of something along the lines of a spring break. I'm greatly looking forward to it. Greatly.

On Tuesday I went to an interview at Harbour Freight Tools at 13.30 after going to class at 07.00 in Santa Barbara and a nap. Yesterday was pretty uneventful as well. Wednesday's highlights included a 90 minute long conversation with my cousin Reto using Skype which made me happy. In the evening Matt and I watched South Park, and then drove around listening to orgasmic trance.

5 hours after going to bed this morning, I was awake again and went to class in Santa Barbara. Stupid 07.00 class that I have to get up at 05.30 for. Also, stupid idiot drivers who like to go slow as hell in the fast lane. Every time I drive to Santa Barbara I: 1.) Hate people more, 2.) Hate people more, 3.) Hate driving when other people are driving, and 4.) Hate people more. After class, I parked in a underground parking garage and slept for 5 hours right until it was time to show up for my next class. Class finally ended, I drove home in around 35 minutes.

A bit later I headed down to Sav On and hung out until Jesse closed. Matt and I drove around for two hours or so and listened to Trance. I got home at around 01.00 and took a shower and now here I am with nothing interesting to write.

Heh.. I don't really have much of anything interesting to say. A true pitty..
Posted by Simon @ 18:22, April 09, 2005
what isnt interesting about you though?

Posted by chris @ 00:54, April 12, 2005
your life is infinitately more interesting than mine. i mean, look, monday i did homework, tuesday i raced cars, wednesday i bungee jumped, thursday i made contact with a race from outer space and friday im transiting across planes of existence. come on! snore-ing!