Days in November pass
Published Tuesday November 23rd, 2004

In light of the fact that I have not written anything in 10 days, I do think I shall take a moment or two to write an entry. What about, though? Most of what has happened in the past few days has not been of great importance, nor do I quite remember much of what I have done. Lets see..

Okay, After November 14th, after having finished typing up all the entries I had written in Germany and Greece, I took about two days to create scripts which would help me insert photographs from my travels into my entries, and then run the scripts, type little descriptions along with the photos, and combine all of this together into the each entry itself.

By Wednesday, November 17th I had completed all of this. After lunch at around 14.30 my cousin Reto came and picked me up. We went and hung about a store called Media Markt, bought some things, and then we headed off to his home. We more or less spent the rest of the day, and the first 5 hours of the next day playing computer games together. This was fun, of course. We also played some Half Life 2 for he had bought it in Media Markt.

We woke up late in the day, or early afternoon at around 1400. By 1600 I was back at my grandparents apartment on the Internet uploading files and weblog entries to this site. Later that evening, on the morning of November 19th I finally posted all of the entries from Germany and Greece.

Saturday I went to my aunt, uncle and cousin
Posted by Margret @ 21:24, November 24, 2004
"Nothingness" is good for the Traveler once in a while. See you in Switzerland, look forward to it. Invitation for my Fathers 80. B-Day looks great!