One week remains
Published Friday August 4th, 2006

Okay, so I’ve decided that it is the correct time to write an full length entry for my wonderful glob. I think they should be called web globs, not web blogs. I just made that up. I’m four sentences in to this entry and I’m already rambling.

There once was a brown horse.
He loved to ride around the course.
He sat on a nail and ripped off his tail.
And that was the story of the brown horse.
~becuzimbeautiful (© 2006) @

Speaking of random gibberish, I suggest this site. It generates random gibberish for you. In fact, it’s the Random Gibberish Generator. Makes for a great read late at night when you’re “stupid-tired” (See Brady, Chelsea-after midnight).

Well.. So.. Almost a week ago, the day after my parents and Daniela! Arrived in Switzerland, we all went to the wedding of my cousin Deborah and her fiancé Andreas. I’ve known both of them through my life and I would consider them childhood friends so it was very cool to be able to attend their wedding. This was also the first wedding I’ve ever been to in my 20 years of post-birth existence (I attended my parent’s wedding from my mothers womb 3 and a half months before I was born. Ha ha.)

That morning, at around noon everyone met at a small little church in a village called Trub. The wedding ceremony wasn’t exactly my batch of tea. God and what have you. Not quite my bowl of soup. Should I continue with the clichés? It lasted for a long time. The priest/preacher/holytalky-walky-god-guy-dude spent a lot of time talking and it all flowed into my left ear, and straight out my right ear, or perhaps my aura completely deflected his words. Either way, it was boring and I didn’t care to hear it. I sat there like a good little boy anyway. Oh! I almost forgot the best part! Lyrics that were sung, and I kid you not, that went like so: “Jesus, you are the sweet taste in my mouth.” One of the many jebussie songs that were sung had that lyric repeated at least 10 times throughout its course. I had trouble containing myself in all ways one might need to contain themselves. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see the South Park episode where Eric Cartman forms a Christian rock band.

The wedding ceremony took place and ended, and soon we all went to a wooden bridge nearby where Andrea, my cousin Mirjam, and myself went swimming in the Emme river a week or so before. On the bridge was held the reception to the wedding. There I saw basically everyone I know from Wasen on my mom’s side of the family. Well over 100 people. Somewhat overwhelming, but still very fun and enjoyable. I saw cousin’s of my cousins whom I had spent a lot of time with growing up whenever we visited family in Wasen and it was fun to see them again.

Deborah and Andreas infront of the plane. Absolutely terrible lighting. Makes me want to die.
We relocated again for pictures, and at this point I joined a friend of the grooms in his car as we drove (with the newly wed couple in pursuit) to the airport in Belp (suburb of Bern) where I photographed them as they got into the plane and left.

After their flight returned, we drove to Boligen (another suburb of Bern) where the dinner-party thinger took place for the wedding. Less people came to the reception than went to the wedding ceremony in the church, and even less people came to the dinner-party (by invitation, not because people didn’t want to.) Eventually Daniela passed out from being too tired and I escorted her to our (our grandparents) car where she slept for the rest of the evening. Ha ha. The evening was filled with random acts of socialization, random performances my guests in honour of the newly wed and other various skits and props. Also two videos were shown making fun of the bride and groom. It was pretty enjoyable and fun. I eventually got back home via a ride from my aunt and uncle Fritz and Irene at around 04.30 if not a bit later.
After Andrea (from the left) are my Grandma and Grandpa (mom's side of family.) at the wedding.

The wedding was a lot of fun. It doubled as a family reunion of sorts for me and my family because we got to see all sorts of relatives. Family is good.

All images that I took throughout the day of the wedding can be found here. They’re kind of crappy, but hey.. I dunno.

Since the day of the wedding (last Saturday) it has been raining on and off but mostly on. The first two weeks Andrea and I were here it was very very very humid and very very hot, and now three weeks later is rainy and cold (11-15 Celsius). Hooray! I like rain and cold. Yippie Yippie Yippie!

Overview (14mm lens) of where the dinner-party took place at the wedding.
Sunday after the wedding, and then the following Monday we didn’t really do a whole lot besides relax and sleep and enjoy our vacation by doing nothing. I also worked on some photography and made two prints. They were featured in a previous entry. In the evening I joined my cousin Reto and we went to a little party but it started raining pretty hard and we soon called it a night.

Tuesday we had my mom’s parents (my grand parents) over for lunch here in our apartment. I don’t remember how the rest of the day went. However, Tuesday was August 1st which is Switzerland's national birthday since the founding of the Confederation in the 11th century. (Something like USA's 4th of July) and so my dad had bought some fireworks and other things that go boom and we set those off in the evening. This of course, was a lot of fun.

On Wednesday we went to downtown/oldtown Bern. I love it there. But I already made mention of that in the entry I sent from my phone that day. I ended up buying CHF 160 worth of vinyl and also got some liquor. Mmm Apricot liquor. Yummy in my tummy. I love liquor. We spent all day in Bern and then also ate dinner there before returning back to Wasen to our apartment.

Thursday we went to visit my great-grandmother (my dad’s grandmother) out in Koliken in Canton Arrgau (my place of origin). She lives in a retirement home. 93 years old and she’s still fit and aware. She’s always been amazing. I don’t think any of us would be surprised if she lived past 100. I hope she does. I enjoy the short and brief visits to go see her. After leaving my great-grandmother we stopped by my dad’s aunt and uncle Laura and Bruno. We’re close to them because they’ve visited us many times in California and always enjoy seeing them.

Now it’s Friday. We went and had lunch by my mom’s parents and later tonight we will return to the same farm house to go eat dinner with my aunt and uncle Fritz and Irene and possibly some cousins.

It’s amazing how fast time goes by when you don’t want it to go by quickly. Three weeks have already gone by and it feels like those three weeks were a mere few days (like.. 2.) At the start of the vacation I thought to myself, “Wow! 4 weeks.. that feels like a long time.” And now I wish I could stay a billion times longer. If I could quickly get a job here doing something I liked doing, I’d probably stay.

Heh, well.. three pages of me rambling is enough. I want to share with you one more thing. An article I saw on Digg about the Hiroshima myth that it saved million of soliders lives. Read it here. It figures.
Posted by xiphias @ 10:51, August 04, 2006
It seems to me that if the linked article about Hiroshima is true, then American figures should've been brought up on warcrimes as well after the war. Unfortunately, the winning side is never wrong because they get to write the history, as seems to have happened here. - Matt PS - Drink some la bleue absinthe for me while you're over there. Supposed to be a Swiss specialty :)

Posted by Marco @ 15:46, August 04, 2006
This is true.. Heh.. If i come accross some la bleue absinthe, i will most definately drink it.. But I haven't really come accross any since ive been here..

Posted by chris @ 22:16, August 04, 2006
the wedding shots look pro. were they happy with your work?

Posted by Damon @ 15:44, August 05, 2006
Trying to see if I can find a pic with Daniela in it at the wedding

Posted by Marco @ 02:51, August 07, 2006
Hm.. That may be somewhat difficult.. She sort of "collapsed" and went and slept in the car because she was very tired.. Perhaps she's in one of the shots apart of the crowd, but you wont find her in any photos from the dinner-party.