Through the Window I see
Published Monday October 16th, 2006

Clips from the past week and a half.
It’s Monday.. Ugh, It’s Monday. I dislike Monday’s.. and today is a Monday. It was a Friday when I started writing this entry. I didn’t get far though:

It’s a Friday. Yes a Friday. Looksie here: Today is Friday. Yes, yes it most certainly is a Friday today. It has also most certainly been quite a while since I last posted an entry. I’m a terrible blogger. I should follow in the great footsteps of one Sir Christopher Thielen but t’was not but a few months ago when my posting frequency was greater than Chris’s.

Ahh.. Today is such a Friday. Have I mentioned it’s Friday? Well, it is. I’m sitting here in my chair, at the office in which I have a desk, a chair, a computer, and other miscellaneous items surrounding me listening to Muse – Starlight. My coworker and friend Brian is to the left of me sitting at his own desk, and to my 1-oh-clock is my boss/CEO. That’s it. No one else is here. Past the fake trees and through the windows I see layered rain clouds. Some white, some grayer than others, and some fading to a blue sky. They’re all relatively low.

Sunset last week during dinner at home. Andrea pointed out the resemblance to smile-faces.
Moments ago Brian and I were musing ourselves with our backup server and fdisk. It’s amusing how you (at least this is true for me) become semi-retarded at something you’re fully competent at when someone else is watching you. Brian kept trying to enter bash commands while in fdisk. I get the same way when someone computer-savvy is watching me on a command line or something of the sort. I forget stuff I’d know if I wasn’t being watched.

In Chris' garage. He's so colourful. Turns me on.
However, now it’s a Monday. As I mentioned just a few paragraphs ago, I dislike Mondays. Monday signifies the start of the week in this society. Since the start is the furthest away from the end (the weekend) I hate it the most. Dislike Monday mostly because come Tuesday I have to go to my classes at Moorpark, and then again on Thursday. Thursday’s after 15.00 is when my weekend starts. Sure, I have work on Friday’s but I’d rather be at work than at school. Especially my English class. I hate English classes. Who decided that.. Yes! English classes should be longer than most other classes because there is just soooo much to cover! Haa! Haaaah!!! haaaaaaaahhhh!!! What a fool said person was. There’s absolutely nothing to cover in the English M01A class I am forced to take (by requirement.)

At the train station one of the nights over the weekend.
But alas, today is in fact a Monday. Again I stare past the fake trees and through the windows to see not layered rain clouds, but puffy white clouds. Some a bit grayer amongst the blue sky still a bit faded by the looming layer of haze.

A lot seems to have happened since I last posted an entry. Too much for me to recall (I’m too lazy.) Besides, who really cares? It’s boring for the most part, no? Although, I do have some photos from the past few days. The highlights, perhaps. I suppose I should explain those? Hm..

Matt on the walk-way at the Camarillo train station.
Tuesday, last of week I saved $120 when I bought Final Scratch 2 because Mallory hooked me up with an awesome discount since she used to work at Guitar Center and had a bunch of hook-ups. Thursday after class Matt and I went over to Chris’s house and we “jammed” in his garage. You can see some of that in the video player in this entry. Also, here and here are some MP3's courtesy of Chris. Friday I went and saw Grudge 2 with Abby, Matt, Cory, Joel, and Kevin for free because Cory’s sister works at the Roxy. Free for crappy movie is good. On Saturday Matt and I went to Jersey Mike’s Subs for lunch with the intentions of heading up to the Sespe wilderness past Ojai with Mallory to go on a hike. Plans fell through and Matt and I were left without plans.. As we drove by the St. John’s Seminary place I saw a sign that said “Open House 1-4 Saturday.” Matt and I spent roughly 2 hours there as we went around the grounds being led by a local student who was giving tours to whoever showed up. It was amusingly awkward. They had pretty cool stained glass windows in their chapel, though! The “tour guide” told Matt to take off his hat after a few moments in the chapel. I fail to see why wearing a hat is disrespectful.

At the train station.
Brian is off in class. The phone keeps ringing. Make it stop. No I don’t want to fix your web site! Sure I can do that for you. Why did I just say that. Shut up, Marco. Yea, no problem. I can go ahead and fix that for you. What the hell, dude? Shut up! Shut it! Stop offering help! You’re creating work for yourself! Gah! Alright, I’ll get this done for you in an hour. Whaaatt? You fool! That leaves no time to frolic around on the Internerd! What about Slashdot!? Think about Slashdot! Aaargh! Okay, goodbye! Ugh.

Nose Rock. Mallory on top, Matt inside. At Piedra Blanca.
Writing this entry has been such a drawn out process. Ha ha. Where was I? ...

Sunday .. ah yes! Sunday Matt and I met up with Mallory and her boyfriend Bryan (or was it Bryant .. or possibly Brendan... I’m so bad with names.) and then Abby at the Barnes & Nobles in Ventura. From there we drove up the 33 past Ojai and up to the Sespe Wilderness to go on a little hike in Piedra Blanca. We got there at around 16.00 and left at a bit before 19.00. It was enjoyable and peaceful. I had not been out there in .. probably over a year. After dropping of Mallory and her boyfriend, Abby, Matt, and myself went and had dinner at El Torrito in Oxnard and soon called it a night.

On one of the rocks at Piedra Blanca.
Did you know that is not taken? Doesn’t that strike you as odd? I’d expect to at least have ads all over it. But no.. It’s still available. I forgot how or why I discovered this. I believe Brian and I were making up stupid domain names our of boredom. Or something.

Check out this site. MySpace phishing! Ha ha ha. So funny. So sad. (Don’t login to your MySpace account on the resulting site of that link. Notice how it’s not, but instead Who the hell is so bored that they make a MySpace phishing site? Why would you possibly want access to a bunch of people’s crappy profiles? I mean.. really. Credit card number, or bank account access, sure. That makes financial sense. MySpace? .. No. Well.. I guess if you use it as a tool to get people to go to your banking phishing site, or to promote your crappy dating site (which is probably just a scam.) Okay.. I guess that makes sense. My favourite part is how many of my MySpace friends have fallen victim. You guys are all uneducated suckers and should go read the Wikipedia article on Phishing right now before someone gains access to something more important like your bank account.

It’s still Monday. Once more I stare past the fake trees and out through the windows, but now I only see a consistent sheet of uncolourful whitish grey. Maybe it’ll rain, but I doubt it. Until I write again..

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Posted by Brian @ 22:00, October 16, 2006
The bash commands were the least of my problems. I didn't want to accidentally lose all of our backups in one swoop, so I had you double check probably 50 times at least. Maybe more :) But hey, our backup server is...backing up. Now if/when Fedora 6 comes out tomorrow, I get to upgrade again. Yay. And was a joke we made up when trying to find the Al Qaeda website where all these videos keep showing up. After all, isn't it interesting that all we do is hear about them from secondary sources? Sure, I don't understand a word of Arabic, but you could kinda tell what they're saying based on body language and such if we were to find said videos....