"White Chocolate" An IRC Convo
Published Wednesday March 5th, 2003

Oh the things we talk about in various IRC channels....
foukou = Me
TyrannicalTulip = Tyson
SlimJimGuyMan = Grant

<foukou> hrm.
<foukou> technically speaking... is "white chocolate" really.. chocolate?
<foukou> I don't believe that the cocoa bean is.. white, and.. im certainly sure there is no white cocoa bean.... there fore no white chocolate could be manufactured from cocoa.... therefor.. some what invalidating the term chocolate because chocolate does refer to the cocoa bean.....
<SlimJimGuyMan> enlightening
* SlimJimGuyMan rubs chin
<foukou> and, since white "chocolate" is really made from vanilla, and doesn't share too many charachteristics with the cocoa bean... I do conclude that white "Chocolate" is fraudulant, and is somewhat ironic as there is no Chocolate in white chocolate.
* foukou bows.
<foukou> thank you.
* SlimJimGuyMan claps
<TyrannicalTulip> well let me way in here
<TyrannicalTulip> white chocolate is technically chocolate
<TyrannicalTulip> it is made from the same been
<TyrannicalTulip> just processed differently
<foukou> but it's not
<foukou> white chocolate is from vanilla..
<TyrannicalTulip> when being made,the coco powder extracted from the bean isn't added
<foukou> not the cocoa bean
<TyrannicalTulip> there is no vanilla involved
<foukou> ..
<foukou> loL
<TyrannicalTulip> It all begins with the cacao tree, which grows in equatorial areas of South America, Africa, and Asia. The seeds of the tree's fruits are the cocoa beans, which are harvested, fermented for six or seven days, and then dried. The highest quality chocolate comes from cocoa beans that are dried naturally in the sun for a week -- shorter, artificial drying yields inferior chocolate. Next, the beans are roasted, and t
<TyrannicalTulip> For other chocolaty purposes, the liquor is pressed to extract the fat, which is called cocoa butter. With the fat removed, the liquor becomes a powder that is blended with the cocoa butter and other ingredients to make different kinds of chocolate. Plain chocolate is made of cocoa powder, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and sugar. Milk chocolate, of course, has milk added. White chocolate is made of cocoa butter
<TyrannicalTulip> After the ingredients are mixed, the product is further refined to create chocolate suitable for solid bars and pieces. It's mixed, heated, and cooled very precisely in methods called "conching" and "tempering." These processes can take up to a week for the finest chocolates.
<SlimJimGuyMan> perhaps he's right
<SlimJimGuyMan> lol
<TyrannicalTulip> lol
<SlimJimGuyMan> that seems pretty official chocolate news to me
<SlimJimGuyMan> thechoclatesource.com?
<SlimJimGuyMan> anyawy
<foukou> TyrannicalTulip: so, you deny the fact that there is vanilla in white chocolate?
<TyrannicalTulip> definitely
<TyrannicalTulip> lol
<foukou> do you prefer needles or possibly pills?
<TyrannicalTulip> if you read any of what i posted....they only use the coco butter, but don't add the brown coco powder which makes it brown..
<TyrannicalTulip> pills
<TyrannicalTulip> less mess
<foukou> so, they have the butter..... which, supposedly is non coloured, or a whiteish tint (irony)... where does the flavouring come form?
<TyrannicalTulip> that is the flavor...
<foukou> the cocoa butter?
<TyrannicalTulip> pretty much
<foukou> Ill give you the cocoa butter part, and that white chocolate is a falidly coined name, however I do insist that you reoginize the fact that vanilla is present in white chocolate.
<foukou> how do you deny this? (especially since im holding a bar of white chocolate and it states vanilla flavouring is present, this is a normal white bar of chocolate)
<TyrannicalTulip> damn
<foukou> loL
<TyrannicalTulip> my bluff has been called
<TyrannicalTulip> lol
<foukou> but the cocoa butter is on the list of ingredients...damn.
<foukou> loL

Heh, truly amazing, is it not? heh, i sure believe so.
Heh, so its.. wednesday... monday and .. tuesday were regular, normal, boring school days.. heh.. tomorrow i've got a minimum day.. woohoo! My todo list is huge, i hope to knock a lot of the things on it off by the end of tomorrow. Heh, wheee! Exciting. I do believe so. heh.. hrm.... yea.. so, there's really not a whole lot to say....