Blind men pee, too.
Published Thursday May 11th, 2006

I'm on a blogging roll!

I had a sort of interesting experience last Tuesday, now two days ago. Before going to my final speech class I went to go use the restroom. I entered a stall and as I was sitting there, a red pole appears from outside the stall. For a few very brief moments I’m rather confused. Then I make the connection that there’s a blind person outside wondering if this stall was occupied. In that moment he asks, “Hello? Is this stall vacant.” I tell him its not, and that to this right-wait, no! To his left! There was a stall vacant. As he was making his preparations to urinate, he asked me, “Whats your name?” To which I respond. He thanks me for helping me while addressing me as Sir. While still sitting there in the stall on the toilet, I welcome him in reply to his thanks. Kind of odd; namely the speaking in the restroom while in the stall part.

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Later today is my last final. Geography final. How exciting. Not really. Yea..

I don’t have much more to say, so I’ll end it here.
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