Midway through the week
Published Wednesday May 21st, 2003

Well, how about another news posting? Sounds good to me. First of all.. thank you 'moz' or, joel for your input on my last news posting... i checked out some of the music by Nightwish... Heh, unfortunately it wasnt exactly what i was looking for, even though it fit all my criteria, i think... lol, dunno.. her voice ... isnt exactly apealling to me... Opera type voice and.. over driven guitars.. i dunno, lol. Heh, hopefully someone else, or you (joel) have another idea? Filters: Not religiously oriented lyrics, female vocalist, somewhat accustic.. maybe piano+vocals or accustic guitar+vocals.. what sorta thing.. anyone have any ideas? Preferably not r&b or pop stuff.. heh.. lol... I'm off on a music searching adventure! How fun..

Hrm... so.. not much new in the past 3 days since my last post... lets see, what can i remember... Oh! yesterday i added a few little lines of code (almost a hack) to this site that counts how many people have read my news postings.. because.. i was curious and wanted to know if anyone actually reads them.. amazingly enought.. people do... i'm quite amazed.. yey!

What else do i remember? *drinks yummy apricot juice* *yey* .. i found Nectarines (if thats an english word) and apricots today when i came home from school... woot! 2 of my. 5 favourite fruits! (apricot, nectarine, peach, kiwi, mango)... Anyways.. lol, a piece of pointless side information that im sure you all really cared to know, am i right or am i right... or am i not right?

Hrm.. monday... thinking monday... Monday was a typical monday... normal monday.. one of those mondays like all the other mondays, quite monday-ish... (actual desctiptions are over-rated, says I.) Yea... im trying to remember something, anything from monday but.. i got nothing... So, moving onto tuesday.. Oh! tuesday i was for once, for a small fraction of time, not bored out of my mind in german class.. lol..

Yea... this guy next to me and i... were bored.. out of our minds.. and... handy dandy, the person sitting at our table, laura, left to go do whatever she does when she leaves class... We had tape. We were bored. We taped her binder shut, her drink, and taped her pen to the desk to the point where it was extremely hard to remove... That was hilarious. Heh.. i guess you had to be there.... lol, as you might be able to tell.. this was the highlight of my day, tuesday... pathetic, no? Then again.. many things i do or am involved in are... Say, anyone watch Star Trek Enterprise tonight? Woot! i want to see more! Long live star trek! ... anyways.. as i was saying...... quite pathetic.. lol.

Today.. wednesday.... what did i do?... ANy highlights.. hrm... No and.. no.. d'oh!... Well.. there was Enterprise season finale.. but.. heh.. yea.. i want to watch more!, argh.. lol... Hrm... oh! 2 DVD's finally shipped from amazon.com.. Sci fi channel's mini series on the Dune Chronology or .. some word. Dune and Children of Dune.. 6 dvd discs total.. woot!.. lol... *drinks some more apricot juice* I like (certain) juice!... *notices a glass of milk still unfinished. *takes a sip of milk and finished the glass off*... I like milk!


Heh.. Interesting observation ive made about myself and my sleeping and energy paterns or.. whatever. If i take a nap after school, and i go to bed at 23:30, the next day im tired. If i dont take a nap, all week and go to bed, still at 23:30, the next day im fine, and not tired. Interesting. Summer will be fun (no, this isnt a random topic switch). My sleeping schedule will be so messed up during the time when ill be home.. I remember last summer some days id get up at around 16:00, and go to bed at 6 in the morning... Fun fun fun!... speaking of summer.... 3 weeks to go, i believe. W00t! And! Next monday i dont have school, memorial day.. Excellent... Basically this is my last full normal 5 day week of school... w00t de w00t!...

Gehhh... hrm... i'm pretty sure there was something else i wanted to say.... but, it's not comming to me at this moment in time, and.. its just about time that i went to bed. MMM, sweet sleep, how i love thee!