Slower action
Published Thursday August 19th, 2004

Wednesday, August 11th was a slow laid back day. I don't really recall much at all from that day. Wes, Adam, Mike and I drove to a store called Mediamarkt where we bought CD's. It's kind of like a Best Buy with all sorts of various things to buy. There is a huge CD section, and you can take any of the CD's to this listening area where the have around 20 CD players you can just listen to the CD's to. This is awesome. I've never seen anything like this in the states. At borders you can listen to any of the CD's, but only a few seconds, or a clip of each song. At Mediamarkt, and most other CD stores in Switzerland you can listen to the whole CD, every song, fully, at your own leisure. This is very awesome. Have i mentioned that this is awesome? I bought 5 or so CD's for a bit less than CHF 80.

Thursday we went to my uncle, aunt, cousins and grandparent's on my mom's side for lunch. They live on a farm. Before we ate, Fritz gave Wes, Adam, Mike, Kate and I a tour around the farm while i translated what he said into English. That was kind of amusing. Translating my uncle who has a unique Sommer-like (by Sommer-like i mean very typical for this side of the family, just like my mom) personality. For lunch we all sat downstairs in my grandparent's kitchen and ate various pies and cakes for lunch. It was their baking day where they fire up the wooden stove and bake a whole bunch, as in, around 30 loafs of bread. They gave us one to take home, fresh. Mm-mm. While eating lunch, we chatted a bit and suchlike. Mirjam and Damaris, two of my cousins who were also there sort of sat there and listened to Wes, Adam, Mike and Kate talk English. It was fun and enjoyable lunch.

In the afternoon it rained. Kate and Adam departed for Thun, to go shopping and browsing around. They wanted to go jump into a river there, but they never did because it was cold. Kate never even made it to Thun, as they left it started to rain really heavily and Kate returned with her tail between her legs.

Friday, August 13th we went to Lausanne. When we got there, we walked around a bit. I wasn't feeling terribly great. I had picked up a cold somewhere, probably from going outside after being soaking wet in sweat at the end of Energy the Sunday before. We walked through the city a bit, and then headed down to the edge of the lake, to a little harbour on Lake Geneva. I got rather tired, my nose completely stuffed, and my sinuses very unhappy. I left Adam, Wes, Kate and Mike and headed back home. When i got to the apartment i slept a good while. Later, i went over to my grandparent's and we chatted, hung about, and watched the Olympic opening ceremony in Greece which was pretty cool. I had a stomach ache right before we were about to eat dinner n our apartment, so i never really had anything for dinner. While i was over with my grandparents, everyone got a bit drunk for they had bought a large bottle of vodka and sprite, and suchlike things which they then mixed together. Adam came over to my grandparents with a bright red head to check to see if i was okay. We both returned to our flat where i was amused for a few hours by the drunken individuals until we all went to bed.

Saturday was a relatively slow day. I was feeling a bit better, but still not a 100% from my cold. Everyone went to Bern, but i stayed behind. Hung out a bit with my grandma, and then returned to our apartment where i cleaned some dishes. Copied some files from Mike's hard drive, and suchlike. When everyone returned again we watched a few episodes of Dead Like Me, a series which we had on DVD that originally aired on Showtime. For dinner we had Tortellini, and after dinner we watched even more episodes of Dead Like Me until around 0100. We slept until 1300 on Sunday, 12 hours later.