woah! i actually bought a cd!
Published Monday July 30th, 2001

lets start this post off with this: -232CHF
Ok, yep... Guess what.. i actually bought a cd today... woaaah! no way, right?! i mean.. buy a cd when u can download it? but... i bought a cd... not only a cd... but.. 10... *blinks* ehhr... umm.. yep.... that came to a grand total of 232CHF lol... but hey... it was my money.. so yea.. umm.. lol.. and.. whilst other ppl buy cds all year long.. i buy em all at once! lol... besides.. ive saved a lot of money downloading music.. and .. i have downloaded a LOT of music.. and now... i saved all that money.. so why not use that saved cash to buy cds.. lol.. umm... soo.. the cds r all trance mixes and compilations... yey! and since i cant buy this stuff in the us of a cuz ppl dont seem to be to into trance.. instead ppl like blink 182 *wtf?!* anyways.. the cd listing goes as follows:
The Official Street Parade Compilation 2001 mixed by DJ Mind-X
Phuture Traxx Vol. 1 mixed by DJ Mind-X
Nightclubbing LE by Blank & Jones
Energy 01 mixed by DJ Tatana
Futurescope 17 mixed by DJ c.a
Aircraft mixed/by DJ Energy
Trancemania vol. 3 mixed by DJ X-Plosiv
Trancemaster 3000
Goliath part 8 judgement day mixed by DJ Simple
DreamSounds a trip to fantasy vol. 2
All this adds up to about 13 hrs of music, which ill add in mp3 format to my already existing 200 hrs of trance... woohooo! lol hmm.. soo.. anyways... today... i slept in till lunch and then.. i ate lunch with my grandparents[dads] and then.... after hanging around listening to music my grandma[dads] and i went to a store called Media Markt where i spent those 232CHF for the 10 cds.. lol.... by the by.. thats about $150.. yup yup... anyways... umm.. yea.. then we got home.. and i started listening to the cds... and thats what ims till doing... aswell as typing this post.. lol.... hmm.. tomorrow im going to head on over to my other grandparents[moms] for about 11 or so days... on August 1st (Switzerlands independance day) im going on a hill and.. i dunno what ill do there.. im sure ill post it later.... also.. later in the week.. on thursday and friday im heading off with my grandpa[dads] to southern switzerland.. a place called "Tesin" or something like that... supposedly its supposed to be beautiful there.. i guess ill soon find out! yey!... well... i think that does it for this post..... hmm... yep! alright then.. till next post.. which might come from my other grandparents[moms] house.. or.. i should say, and be more exact... my cousins... welp..... ta ta!