Something.. Something.
Published Sunday March 27th, 2005

Heh.. Thursday,Friday, Saturday and Sunday have passed since my last entry and blah. Thursday evening through now was spent with friends, many of which had returned from their respective college's over their spring breaks. Lots of hanging out, and.. generally speaking.. lots of being bored as a collective and then messing around out of boredom. It was certainly nice to see people who I have not seen in some time.. again.

It seems as though I am once again wrapped up in my never ending, ever continuing search for something to change, something different, something exciting, something not boring and typical.One day I'll find what I am seeking. I'm not sure exactly what I am talking about.. I just want something new. My life as of lately is very bland. I don't really particularly enjoy patterns in my weekly routines. I don't like very repetitive patterns and I feel as though I am stuck in such a pattern. The same thing every week. Day in and day out. Same thing at school. Same thing during days I have school. Same thing after school. Same thing hanging out with friends.

I have not heard back from Best Buy. Never really expected to. I'm considering Target because Chelsea has had success there. I'm not considering Sav On because everyone else works there. I don't know.. Blah.

I don't really know what more to write.
Posted by Jason+Abrahamson @ 19:35, March 28, 2005
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Posted by chris @ 15:04, April 01, 2005
i was just thinking about this anthropology stuff i heard about our generation (totally stealing this from an sb'er) being bored and disinterested because we have nothing to strive for (we like the world as it is, there's no major wars or problems in our time, etc.) and then i was listening to music and the lyric came up: "things have never been so swell, i have never felt nor fell". i dunno, it all relates in my mind.

Posted by Jason+Abrahamson @ 00:02, April 02, 2005
Tis funny that you should say that. You raise a good point; as a history buff it has been quite frustrating to watch the world slip by with people not understanding the true greatness the people before them have strived. A poll done recently of both democrats and republicans revealed that the left think Clinton was our GREATEST President, and the right thinks Regan was. Why is this troubling and ties into what you said? You noted that the generations before us were motivated to do things, to strive, to be somebody