Thunderstorms are fun.
Published Saturday July 10th, 2004

A photo from down in a cellar at the Sommer's house.

Heh.. Ugh. Since i've been eating so much lately, way too much, lately i keep being hungry at the most random times. Argh. It's not the hungry hungry feeling but that hungry for something to eat feeling. I hate that feeling, its dumb and shall be ignored. Heh..

Well then, Today, Sunday, Andrea and i went over to the Sommers after i took a shower.. We had lunch with my grandparents, and then afterwords went with Mirjam, Damaris, Naemi and her boyfriend plus 2 other friends to the Emme, a little river nearby. Andrea went into the water.. Brr, it was 18C outside. Cold water.. icky. Heh. I went off by myself and took photos, heh. We left and returned to their home where we all helped setup dinner outside where we .. grilled. Some other people joined us, who i did not know. They came to watch the finale of the European Soccer Cup where Greece and Portugal played against each other (Greece won, by the way..) During the time we ate dinner, some guy in the distance, on a hill over-looking town was playing on a Swiss Alp horn, i guess it is called. It was interesting, because you could probably hear him playing throughout most of the town. I recall hearing it in past years, too. Heh.

After dinner, most went to watch the soccer game, and Andrea and I, not caring much about soccer, returned back over to the flat's where we are staying with my grandparents on my dad's side. Heh. I chatted a bit online, checked email, and so forth.. Andrea played some vice city on my laptop, and then she went to bed.

The soccer match is kind of like the super bowl in America, people get together to watch it.. The roads were literally empty when we walked back "home".. Most people watch.. Heh..

Today, Monday.. was much slower.. I woke up at around a comfortable 1100 and soon we ate lunch. After lunch Andrea and i played some more GTA: Vice City, and then Andrea went to play tennis with my grandma at .. I guess one could call it a community center. Here, its called the "Forum"... There's an inside pool, sauna, outside there are tennis courts, and such-like things one might find at a community center.. Heh. While they went and played tennis, i stayed in the apartment. My grandpa left as well to go to the spa, and meet up with a friend. I went onto the Internet and killed some time surfing the web and suchlike.. When Andrea and my grandma returned, they showered, and soon we ate dinner. I worked some on some photography from yesterday and the day before yesterday and then when my grandpa came home we ate some yummy cherries which he brought home with him. Mmm. Went on the Internet a bit again in the late evening, until Andrea wished to go to bed.

As i write this it is thundering outside.. Haven't experienced that since last year when i was in Switzerland, heh. Weee the last one must have struck very close by. I approve of thunderstorms. ha ha. They're fun. The weather is supposed to be pretty rainy until Thursday or Friday. I'm kind of paranoid of the lightning hitting the building then traveling through the wiring and coming into my laptop and frying it.. That would suck. Heh, its been raining all day long and thundering on and off since around 1900.. Heh, fun fun.

My left arm is doing that weird hurt inside/inflamed thingo it likes to do every once in a while.. Fun fun, it has been all day.. weee. Heh, Andrea just walked into my room, i guess the thunder is keeping her awake, ha ha. Aw.. Heh.. I should setup my camera on the balcony and take pictures... Yes, but.. I'm feeling lazy right now, and I will have plenty of other opportunities to do so, so i will not right now.. Heh.. Andrea is watching through the window in the room i sleep in. Thought you wanted to know.

Heh, well then.. Soon, once Andea goes back to bed, i will as well go to sleep, thusly, this is the end.

Too this photo walking up and down the Emme river.. Not the greatest photo in the world..